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People Watching

We shot one of our TV spots inside a QuikTrip this morning. 8am. We were told that this particular store is slamma jamma busy from about 7-8:30am because that is the shift change at Raytheon- an aircraft facility. They were so right. That place was alive. At one point I think the tile even jumped up and got some coffee.

It was interesting because, as usual, I was the first one there by a long shot. Long shot meaning half an hour before anyone else. This gave me plenty of time to people watch. This is my account of what I witnessed.

People at the ATM machine look like the most unhappy people in the whole store.

There are FOURTEEN different kind of 20 oz Coca Cola products in the cooler. I don't mean coke, sprite, etc. I mean Coke, Diet Coke, Coke with Lime, Diet Coke with Lime, Diet Coke with Splenda, Diet Coke with Splenda Lime Vanilla Lemon Caffeine Free WITH A CHERRY ON TOP! Does the world NEED this much Coke? FOURTEEN folks!

In one hour, the floor gets mopped three times.

I don't think anyone knows how to pump their own gas. Every two minutes the cashier has to re-explain over the intercom how to remove the pump, push the buttons, blah blah blah.

It appears HOT DOGS and TAQUITOS have replaced the old fashioned cereals and donuts for BREAKFAST! 12, count them, 12 people bought hot dogs and/or taquitos (and one chicken sandwich) before NINE a.m.!!! I. Wanted. To. Puke. A few people bought slushies as part of their balanced breakfast plan.

We were able to make inappropriate BTK (the wichita serial killer) jokes with a Wichita policeman and he laughed with us!

You know the little metal sleeve that all the coffee cups are stuffed into? The store manager walks by about every 5 minutes to push these back into the sleeve.

Last, but not least, they sell peanut butter hot chocolate. Gross. Maybe if they made hotdog hot chocolate with mustard flavored whipped cream they could make more money.


Too early for this nonsense

Between today and tomorrow (oops, i started this sentence with a preposition), we are shooting FIVE commercials for my golf client. I just got up at 6:30 and it's already go-go-go. I guess not too terribly or I wouldn't have time to sit down and write this. Their big tournament is at the end of July. These spots will run for about two weeks, just a quick blitz. Since they are one of our pro-bono clients, not only am I the annoying account person today, but I'm also wardrobe, makeup, food artist (I've been cooking a roast all night), prop getter-person, and producer.

I'm really excited though. These spots are going to ROCK!! When they are up on the agency site, I'll let you know. The whole premise is caddies for regular people. So we found this guy named Lurch, his 6'6" and apparently has little need for dentists and has the deepest voice I've ever heard. He's supposed to be quite a character; one guy said he reminds him of "Jaws" from some James Bond movie (I have no idea who Jaws is). So that's our caddy.

In the mean time, I have a big meeting with my bank client today. A meeting I wasn't told about until 7 o'clock last night on my way out the door. For a big project I've been completely ignored and excluded from. Why? Because my new AE seems to think and treat me as if I'm nothing more than his secretary. Well guess what BIG BOY, I've got news for you. I don't think anyone has ever frusterated me the way this guy does. It's absurd. I'm coming close to the end of my rope. We're supposed to have lunch this week- maybe we can get it all out.

I had terrible dreams and couldn't sleep all last night. So here I am, 7am, sun is shining and my-oh-my I want to go BACK TO BED!


Natalie Dee Strikes Again!!

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Ok, I read this "doodle" blog pretty much everyday. www.nataliedee.com. This girl is a riot. The simplest drawings and phrases leave me laughing for days.

This is a sample from this weekend... TOO FUNNY!

Her link is on the right.

Here a house, there a house, everywhere a house, house.

Yesterday Shelton and I had our first full afternoon of showings with our realtor. For the last few weeks she has been sending us email updates from the MLS list. We get about 10-30 houses a day, we delete 90% of them. Shelton took it upon himself to email the agent with a list of about 8 houses that we were dieing to check out. After he had sent the email and she confirmed, he then showed me the list. I quickly reminded him that those were all houses that either a) I wasn't interested in, b) were in the ghetto, c) were in the ghetto, d) I wasn't interested and, finally, e) IN THE GHETTO AND I"M NOT INTERESTED!!!

But, The appointments had been made and there was nothing else I could do. Sho'nuf, the first house we pull in to is in the ghetto. Now, this probably isn't drive-by ghetto. But it's deep in the hispanic district, where every billboard and gas station is written in spanish. I have nothing against these people, nothing at all. But the neighborhoods are dirty, property value cannot be that great, and if I'm investing this much into a house, I want a place that I'm comfortable driving home to. So the first SIX of EIGHT houses were less than desirable. Bless Shelton's heart, we were both laughing so hard and he just kept saying, I'm sorry, I didn't know. It was actually pretty funny. I'm glad the realtor caught on early that this was not at all what we were looking for and some random stroke of unluck had us in that area.

One of the houses was apparently a rental. The people still lived there- 2 asian twenty-something guys. The house was so dirty, smelled terrible, and there was PORN ON THE TV when we walked in. Oh yeah, and this filthy nasty aquarium that was dirtier than Lake Thunderbird. We didn't stay long.

Anyhow, the upside to the day. We finally made it over to College Hill- this is kind of like that area by the capital in OKC, except not dangerous and really nice. All bungalow style 1920's-30s homes. No two are alike and all just beautiful and charming. The first one was all locked up, but the second one, it was perrrrfect. It's 1.5 story +basement, 3-ish bedrooms, 1.5 bath, deck, wood floors throughout, fairly decent size kitchen w/ breakfast nook, and so on. We really liked the layout. It's just going to need some work. Definitely electrical, paint on everywall, replace tile in the bathroom. Pretty much a lot of cosmetic work... but it's so cute and only $75K. Our realtor is pulling some additional info on it, so we'll see what happens. in the mean time, we keep finding more and more homes that we just love.

We'll probably go out with her again after the holiday, this time, I'm picking the list.


Maybe this will be a new annual summer event?!

A couple days ago I started having the EXACT same pains I had pre-surgery last summer. To a tee, they were the same. And we are coming up on a year since my fun-filled cyst removal party. I made a doctor's appointment and went in yesterday. She again ran every test in the book. Here we go again! Nothing wrong w/ my kidneys or my liver. My urine is clean- yippee!! I love clean urine! I'm not pregnant. So they did more exams and I'll spare the guys the details on that. As of now, she thinks that my body has too much of the good bacteria- so apparently despite my deodorant's claims, I am NOT pH balanced. I've got some antibiotics and hopefully that is all we need to do. I'll give it a week and see how I'm feeling, she said if it continues, then it's happy sonogram time.

My hope is that I'm fine and my body is just being weird. The doc sounds like I shouldn't be concerned.


Snooooooze Fest oh-five

Since we had such a hard-hitting weekend and our little bodies couldn't quite recover in just a mere 8 hours of sleep, Monday morning came as quite a shock. After sluggishly dragging our cold bodies out of the bed that has been cursed by satan (it's old, terribly uncomfortable, squeakier than a cat at a squeak-toy convention..), we faced the day with baggy eyes and dreams of returning to satan's bed.

Monday flew by in the blink of an eye and by 6 I was back in the living room. We talked about the day, caught Will & Grace, and then departed to our seperate rooms. I plopped down on the couch to continue to read this spiral spin through Kiedis' drug-sexed-rock n rolled life; Shelton went to the office to play with his lover- the computer. About three pages later I was passed out cold on the couch... at 7:15pm. I woke at about 8 and realized I'd fallen asleep. I went in to see what Shelton was doing and, well, he was doing the same thing I was... asleep on the futon.

I headed to bed. I knew I was too tired to try to stay awake. About 9 Shelton joined me and said, "If I'd have known you were coming in here I'd have joined you." Pathetic aren't we?! We fell asleep. At 9:30 I woke up and locked up the house and turned off the lights and did the pajama thing. And then it was snoozin' all night long.

I woke up so refreshed and ready to face the day. it was wonderful. If I can't sleep in anymore, at least I can go to bed early. HA HA GOD, I FOUND A LOOP HOLE!!!!!


The weekend that wouldn't end

We had a very full weekend. I was exhausted when it started and now I feel like I could roll over and die. I'm absolutely beat.

Friday night we had dinner w/ my boss David and his wife Julie. We had a wonderful time. David grilled lobster and it was just heavenly. Then he introduced me to the Bailey's Vanilla Milkshake... hubbada hubbada. I'd never had Bailey's, let alone as part of this creamy shaky concoction. So delicious.

Saturday we spent the better part of the afternoon with my Grandma and Aunt Felicia. had a really fun time. We had lunch with them where we ran into a cousin of mine that they are all very familiar with but I hadn't seen since I was a li'l girl. Holly and her husband and two kids were there. Made me feel like I was 8 because she goes, Ohhh I can't believe you're all grown up!!! Bite it lady! I'm 24 years old, you can't say that to me anymore.

Saturday evening was one of the weekend's highlights. We went out to my Grandpa's and his wife Sue's house for dinner. Apparently I was tricked into eating gravy because somehow, I was under the impression that was some sort of cheese sauce. I didn't say anything to Grandpa because I would have felt bad. but I was scared to death to eat it... you know me and my eating habits. It was so good, pork chops and scalloped potatoes. Shelton later informed me I had scooped up every last drop of gravy on my plate. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I LIKE GRAVY!
After that we headed out for our very first round of golf on the golf course. We played 9 holes and came out 7 over par. I had a terrific time. I loved it and can't wait to do it again. It was far less stressful than I thought it would be. Sue made it really comical. Grandpa kept mumbling and smacking his club when he'd miss a shot and she'd just laugh and we'd drive off in our cart. It was amusing. I had a couple of really pretty shots. One of my water holes went ker-plop without even thinking about it. My second water shot was smooth sailing.

Sunday morning we woke up at SIX O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING so that we could drive to Edmond for the day. Made it there in no time at all. Went to Sunday School at the center which is always nice to see so many good friends and catch up with them. Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Koskie's for the day. All 9 of us gathered at McAlister's Deli for lunch and we were like a circus wagon walking in. I grabbed a handful of menus and started handing them out as people walked in. The store manager walked up and looked concerned and I said, Hi, I'm working for you today. Just trying to keep this group in order. He laughed and said, You've got the job! We all ordered and when we got our receipt he'd given me the employee discount! We all got a good laugh out of that.

We went to wander around Super Target and there was a seeing eye dog in there w/ his/her human. We turned a corner right after we passed him and it was like a clydesdale in a Christmas parade. POOP EVERYWHERE!!! It was sooooooo grosss. I mean, were they not aware their dog had just stopped to POOP IN TARGET!? If we hadn't gotten off that aisle quick they were going to have more than just that to clean up. I was about to ralph. And then we found the spot where someone had unfortunately not seen the poo and then I was like galloping to get out of there. Shiver!

Now we're home. I'm almost finished reading my Anthony Kiedis Bio, "Scar Tissue." I will give a full review when I'm finished. it's excellent so far.

Happy monday to all.


Happy Fathers Day to you, too!!

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I'm not responsible for your sons' actions. So the lack of card and possible lack of post means that I'm OFFICIALLY YOUR FAVORITE KID!

We are making a quick one-day trip to OKC today to Fathers Day it up with Kerry, the dad-in-law.

You're incredible and have the most infectious laugh. I love you.


B- Dad & Gpa
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Can't spend them all with you, but I can think about you! Thanks for just being irreplaceable (both of you). Thanks for making me so tough and bullheaded... so far that's working out for me, professionally that is.

I love you (both) so much.

And dad, thanks for making ALL the right choices lately.



Crimes against HUMANITY... in my OWN FAMILY

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I'm casually talking to mom and dad last night over the speaker phone. (is that one word or two, looks weird either way? Ha I should be able to answer that!!) We are talking about summer movies. They just watched Mr & Mrs Ho-Bag, I mean Smith and said it was the best movie they have seen in such a long time. Now I might have to watch it.

I start talking about how I'm not sure I'm all together psyched about the Willy Wonka remake by Tim Burton starring Johnny Depp because I absolutely love the original.

My mom, the woman who birthed me, carried me in her womb, taught me the difference between right and wrong says- Oh, I've never seen that movie.


It gets worse. Dad, he taught me how to ride a bicycle people- oh yeah, I've never seen it either.

I think it's possible that my heart momentarily stopped beating. How is it possible that two grown adults in the United States of freaking America have not watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

I don't understand math. I don't understand the concept of light years. I can't work an Excel spreadsheet. And now, I obviously, do not understand how they have lived a life without Oompa Loompas and rivers full of chocolate.

The Orpheum, a small older theater here in Wichita, is showing the original on July 17 and you know I'm there (although that will cut in to my day 2 of reading Harry Potter #6)... I am going to try to get these Oompa Loompa-less people up here to watch.

Pray for them please. And if you've never seen it- don't tell me, I can't handle it.


Brandi's Flops

Brandi's Flops
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These are the flip flops I entered in the decorating contest on Friday. I lost. But aren't they fabulous?!

P.S. I'm a stalker and drove past that house on the way to work this morning. It's even better in person. There was a SOLD sign tacked to the front of it and now I'm sad.


Cross your fingers!!!

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How in love with this house am i? SO IN LOVE!!! We have looked at so many houses in the last couple weeks that I'm just hoping one will land in the parking lot. I mean, this is Kansas, I've seen Wizard of Oz, it is not impossible!

This realtor we have kinda sorta been working with sent us this house tonight and my heart absolutely stopped... that hasn't happened yet. It is 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage, basement, newly remodeled and it's only $89,000... PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT.

We contacted the realtor, hopefully we can get in to look at it... hopefully it's not too late!!


Shelton and I woke up this morning to take part in our Sunday ritual- Panera, Cinnamon Rolls and Bagels, newspaper. So nice. He went on to church and I came home (ya know, because I'm a sinner) and began cleaning the house. I just woke up in one of those cleaning moods and now I can't stop.

Before making it home I stopped at Walgreens for some necessary supplies- new sponges, clorox wipes, ajax AND watermelon bubble gum. I'm ready to rock and roll!!

I've also been jamming out to what would be oldies for me- Everclear, old Jayz, Fiona Apple, at this moment it's My Sharona. I'm anxious to get my itunes account going again because Better Than Ezra AND Weezer AND Foo Fighters just released new albums.

All in all, a pretty mild mannered Sunday. We are supposed to go to a baseball game with some peeps from the officce today, dunno if that will happen, the weather is being typically Kansas.


Have I NOT learned this lesson yet?

I am a silly girl. Last night after work a few people were headed to this bar, Boulevard. And I thought that it was a fabulous idea. I was thrown through the wringer at work this week and I haven't gone out in a reeeeeeeally long time. Shelton always being the good sport that he is was my official DD and so I was fine with going out and having a few drinks, chatting it up with everyone, and having an all around good time.

The beer was good and the company even better. It was our first time in this establishment and I really liked it. You know the story, one beer becomes two and that becomes three... you know. I really wasn't that bad off, felt fine.

The gentlemen sitting at the table behind us were fellow OU alumni. Sat and talked to them for a while and then they wanted to buy me a shot (I. do. not. do. shots.). Soooo they bought me a shot of Jager and Red Bull (that stuff tastes like sweettarts, nothing but trouble). Well, a little while later someone else decided they wanted to buy me a shot, sooooo i drank it.

Bad. News. Bears.

I would have been juuuust fine with my beer. That's why I drink beer. By the time we left at like midnight it was game over. I thought we'd never make it home and then the nausea became a knife-in-the-face physical reality.

This morning, a little slow getting started, but feeling alright. And I sit here thinking, BRANDI- you KNOW that you just can't push it like that anymore. I don't like the feeling of being drunk- at all. I enjoy a few beers, unwind, relax, whatever. This is not going to happen again. Peer-ee-id.

On a lighter, note, my flip flops did not win the decorating competition at work yesterday. I got a tiny 4 votes, but I'm not complaining, everyone really brought their game.


Ahhh, the many uses of PBR

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Jim, this one's for you.

For those of you who don't know

Bomb Pop
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THIS is a Bomb Pop. The fabulous popsicle treat of the summer. This year is the 50th anniversary.

I cannot believe how many people don't know what a Bomb Pop is. Your childhood was a scam if you didn't get to eat Bomb Pops out of questionable men's ice cream trucks.



Shelton and I are trying to get caught up with our movie watching. Through Cessna, we get two free movies a month at the theater AND Blockbuster doesn't charge late fees for movies any longer (up to a week or something)- so we're back in the swing of things.

This past weekend we rented Aviator. It's a biopic about Howard Hughes. Shelton and I had a little spat at the Blockbuster over the plot. I was saying he was an aircraft engineer something. Shelton was saying No, he was a film maker. Turns out we were both right. Anyhow, aside from it being a 3 hour film, we really liked it. I had no idea what a freak Howard Hughes was. And Cate Blanchett NAILED the part of Katherine Hepburn, at least in my opinion.

Last night we went to the theater to see The Interpreter. Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn- it was fantastic. I fought it, had no desire to go, but I took it all back once the movie was over. One of the best I've seen in a long time.


Flip Flop Bomb Pop Friday

Yesterday was the first of a summer full of Flip Flop Bomb Pop Fridays at my office. This fun little idea was dreamt up by yours truly in an effort to get some freedom to wear flip flops to work. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Our president fell in love w/ idea and told me to run with it. So after a few weeks of planning we kicked off this fun event yesterday. The square in Old Town (wichita's version of bricktown) is right outside our front door. We bought a pair of flip flops for everyone in the office and now we can wear them every friday. At 4:30 yesterday we took a cooler w/ about 70 Bomb Pops (which is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year), beach balls, all 45 of us in flip flops and some family members and headed outside. Everyone was having a great time even though it was sprinkling on us. A few were brave enough to run through the fountains. It felt like summer had finally arrived. Our hope is to get more and more people to join us each week. We have a big banner that we take out with us. Maybe by summer's end we'll need hundreds of Bomb Pops. We decided next week we definitely need some music and possibly some "adult" Bomb Pops.


At least the Hefty bag is smiling

This woman at work today brought in a homemade chocolate cake. Oh My Goodness, I resisted with every ounce of self control I possess. However, I thought about that cake all day.

I had to stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up some stuff for dinner. While there I thought, Hmm, I will make my very own chocolate cake tonight. I even found those little mini M&Ms and decided to throw those in the batter.

Now, let's back up for a second. At the beginning of the year Shelton and I went on this healthier eating habit party train. We were doing so well!! I went an entire month went out drinking a single pop. We kicked all JUNK: cookies, candy, fast food, etc and so forth. No Junk. All I drink, and continue to drink, is water. I even like it now. It's kinda yummy, and everything else kind of grosses me out now. I had even lost about 10 pounds, pretty good for not really even trying.

So, here I am, baking aisle, Dillons Grocery Store. My cart is full of Betty Crocker wonder. (Pause, I'm watching The Eagles concert on TV and Hotel California just came on.... one of the best songs ever!!!) I came home, baked the cake, Shelton shaking his head the whole way. Learned a little lesson- M&Ms sink to the very bottom of cake batter and stick to the bottom of the pan.

I frosted the cake. Cut it. Devoured a piece and it was just as yummy as I had hoped. Shelton and I started discussing how we have fallen off our healthy lifestyle wagon lately. Badly fallen. No, more like plummeted off and smashed our faces in the dirt. I picked up the plate with the still warm and gooey cake, and scraped it straight into the trash can.

We both stood there staring at each other not really believing I had just done what I had done.

That's it. I'm done with all this junky monkey crap. I am officially back on my wagon. so please do not try to tempt me with your sugary fatty ways.