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The weekend that wouldn't end

We had a very full weekend. I was exhausted when it started and now I feel like I could roll over and die. I'm absolutely beat.

Friday night we had dinner w/ my boss David and his wife Julie. We had a wonderful time. David grilled lobster and it was just heavenly. Then he introduced me to the Bailey's Vanilla Milkshake... hubbada hubbada. I'd never had Bailey's, let alone as part of this creamy shaky concoction. So delicious.

Saturday we spent the better part of the afternoon with my Grandma and Aunt Felicia. had a really fun time. We had lunch with them where we ran into a cousin of mine that they are all very familiar with but I hadn't seen since I was a li'l girl. Holly and her husband and two kids were there. Made me feel like I was 8 because she goes, Ohhh I can't believe you're all grown up!!! Bite it lady! I'm 24 years old, you can't say that to me anymore.

Saturday evening was one of the weekend's highlights. We went out to my Grandpa's and his wife Sue's house for dinner. Apparently I was tricked into eating gravy because somehow, I was under the impression that was some sort of cheese sauce. I didn't say anything to Grandpa because I would have felt bad. but I was scared to death to eat it... you know me and my eating habits. It was so good, pork chops and scalloped potatoes. Shelton later informed me I had scooped up every last drop of gravy on my plate. THIS DOES NOT MEAN I LIKE GRAVY!
After that we headed out for our very first round of golf on the golf course. We played 9 holes and came out 7 over par. I had a terrific time. I loved it and can't wait to do it again. It was far less stressful than I thought it would be. Sue made it really comical. Grandpa kept mumbling and smacking his club when he'd miss a shot and she'd just laugh and we'd drive off in our cart. It was amusing. I had a couple of really pretty shots. One of my water holes went ker-plop without even thinking about it. My second water shot was smooth sailing.

Sunday morning we woke up at SIX O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING so that we could drive to Edmond for the day. Made it there in no time at all. Went to Sunday School at the center which is always nice to see so many good friends and catch up with them. Then we headed to Grandma and Grandpa Koskie's for the day. All 9 of us gathered at McAlister's Deli for lunch and we were like a circus wagon walking in. I grabbed a handful of menus and started handing them out as people walked in. The store manager walked up and looked concerned and I said, Hi, I'm working for you today. Just trying to keep this group in order. He laughed and said, You've got the job! We all ordered and when we got our receipt he'd given me the employee discount! We all got a good laugh out of that.

We went to wander around Super Target and there was a seeing eye dog in there w/ his/her human. We turned a corner right after we passed him and it was like a clydesdale in a Christmas parade. POOP EVERYWHERE!!! It was sooooooo grosss. I mean, were they not aware their dog had just stopped to POOP IN TARGET!? If we hadn't gotten off that aisle quick they were going to have more than just that to clean up. I was about to ralph. And then we found the spot where someone had unfortunately not seen the poo and then I was like galloping to get out of there. Shiver!

Now we're home. I'm almost finished reading my Anthony Kiedis Bio, "Scar Tissue." I will give a full review when I'm finished. it's excellent so far.

Happy monday to all.

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