Pillow Talk

Last night, Shelton and I were lying in bed trying to go to sleep. Due to the fact that Shelton is constantly telling me I'm predictable- this is the conversation that took place:

Me- Let's have a contest to see which one of us knows the most about the other.

Him- Ha! Ok, whatever.

Me- We'll start easy- what's my favorite color?

Him- I don't know- blue, purple?

Me- Are you effing kidding me?!

Him- hahaha, I don't know. Brown?

Me- You're kidding right? You really don't know my favorite color?

Him- I guess not. Blue? I'm sticking with blue.

Me- Whatever.

Him- Just tell me.

Me- No, I'm not telling you. That's something you should know. Besides, it's completely obvious.

Him- Oh, is it green? You have a lot of green in your closet.

Me- YES IT'S GREEN! How could you not know that?! I know your favorite color is white, even though that is NOT a color.

Him- (still laughing) Does that mean the green Skittles are your favorite?

Me- I still cannot believe you bought me Skittles thinking that was favorite candy. I HATE Skittles.

Not so predictable after all, huh, punk?!


25 and still alive

Today I turned 25 years old. I'm very mixed on my feelings toward this birthday. While I feel the kid in me slipping away as everyday I'm faced with more adult things, I'm excited by the fact that now when people ask how old I am, they won't roll their eyes at that 24-year old kid. I know that for most of the people who read this blog, 25 is quite a distant memory. So what do I have to be complaining about?

So, today on my birthday, I thought I'd talk about all the things I don't have to complain about... like, my husband who is the love of my life (next to my nephew, Stone, of course), my incredible family, a job that I have a hell of a lot of fun doing and the fact that my hair has finally reached a point where it's more of a love than hate relationship.

How am I celebrating this big milestone birthday- the birthday in which I'm old enough to RENT A CAR!?!? I got to sleep in, only to be awaken by the Von Traps (my in-laws) and my parents singing duet, then a text from my sister and then a knock at the door by Grandma. Ok, I'll get up already.
Then, it was off to Shelton's dr. visit and then my trip to the gyno- best birthday gift EVER!! Then I had to have blood drawn to see if I'm a gene carrier for cystic fibrosis- again, LOVE needles being forced into my invisible veins ON-MY-BIRTHDAY! Then it was lunch and back to work.

Tonight, I'm having shrimp. Lots and Lots and Lots of shrimp. And beer. But just a little.

Thanks to all of you for the birthday calls, cards, emails and love. I love you all so very, very much.


Swimmin' Hole

I walked in the front door tonight, chattering away on my cell phone. I made it to the kitchen and my foot was covered in water. I was wearing flip flops of course. I looked around and the entire floor was covered- probably 1/4". I told Sarah I had to go- no time for dilly dallying.

I called Shelton and asked when he'd be home. He said "When do you need me." I said "Soon enough to help me clean up the swimming pool."

The leak was traced to the ice maker. A very steady stream of water just pouring out of the hose.

I changed out of my clothes, threw my perfect hair day into a pony tail, took the trashbag out of the trashcan to create a bucket, and started mopping. By the time Shel made it home I had the kitchen pretty much dried up. And then from the basement I hear "Oh, don't think it isn't wet down here, too."

I just closed my eyes. I went into the basement and the flood to beat all was waiting for me. So Shelton tended to that w/ the wet vac, I continued to work on the kitchen.

I had to peel all the floor tiles up in the 3' x 3' square that the fridge sits on. Underneath was sopping wet. I was scared to death the wood underneath the buy-one-get-12-free tiles would just rot. So now, the floor has a bald spot.

THREE HOURS LATER we finally got it all under control. We'd discussed going out to buy a new one- but when Shelton told me this was not the time to get the stainless steel side door w/ freezer drawer, I decided this heap would work for now.

At that point, we'd been off work for 3 hours, we were well past feeding time and starving. Was I cooking? Think again. I got that Chipotle twinkle in my eye, Shelton gave me the nod and we lived happily ever after.