It's been a long day and while Halloween will end in about an hour and a half, I wanted to share some favorite Trick or Treating Treat memories. The people in my neighborhood as a kid used to give out the most random stuff, some treats, some tricks. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and made some fabulous new memories of your own.

- The family who owned a Chinese restaurant would give us a 2-pack of saltine crackers every year. By the time we got home they were like little plastic wrapped packages of sawdust... terrible idea.

- The two old ladies, no where near one another, who consistently gave us pennies every single year. On a little table in their foyer, there would stack after stack of 10 penny piles. We'd each get 10c dumped into our goody bag. Lady, I can't even buy a decent piece of bubble gum for that much... but it was sweet.

- ANYONE who gave out those TERRIBLE brown & white striped peanut butter things and also those orange and black wax paper wrapped taffy things. UGH! There were a lot of those. If I could have avoided those houses, I would have.

-This one is fabulous! There was a lady in our n'hood who worked for M&M/Mars I believe. Anyhow, she would give out king size Snickers every year. We NEVER missed her place.

- I was also fond of the family who gave us the little packages of hot roasted peanuts in the shell. They were so warm and toasty on those cold Halloween nights. Also, a never miss.

With Halloween behind us, that means one thing- the election is ALMOST OVER!!! All i'm going to say, is don't forget to vote Tuesday. I think this time, every single vote is going to make a difference.


I ((heart)) Patrick

Most of you have not met my dearest friend Patrick. He is crazy. We met 5 years ago at Old Navy and life has just not been the same. He was very sad that I had not mentioned him on my blog and had mentioned all my other fabulous friends, so here is your shout out Patrick!

Here are my top 5 favorite Patrick memories:

1) Spring Break @ Grand Lake- absolute insanity!

2) The night my old roomie bolted in the apartment looking like a scary-ass Sasquatch.

3) The night he turned out the electricity to my apartment while aforementioned roomie was watching Dawson's Creek.

4) Lots of Pictionary & wine

5) Rescuing he and Whitney from being iced into his apartment.

Thanks for being one of the few people I can be down-right silly with. You always make me smile. Thanks for dinner tonight.


Initiate Panic Mode & Random Thoughts

In the famous words of Jim, "Brandi, Geeze, Don't Panic!" Well, too late. It's not so much that I'm panicking (does that look weird or is it just me?), just that I'm such a little planner and this is so out of the blue and time is ticking by very quickly.

Yesterday I got about 30 boxes from Walgreens and about 50 days worth of free newspapers from Norman Transcripts. I've packed about 20 boxes so far and I've washed enough newspaper ink off my hands to fill a new ink cartridge. The checklist of Pre-move To-Dos has been made and I have my official "Moving" clipboard strategically placed on the dining table. We have a plan A made and in action, no plan B (ahh hell!).

Maybe I don't need to panic. Everything is going smoothly so far. We've still got to get everything moved out so the painters and carpet layers can come in. I love that I had to live w/ nasty carpet for 3 years and now we get to buy new carpet for someone else.... such is life.

On another note, the lunar eclipse was pretty cool last night. Elliott stayed over and we kept watching it until about 1am. It was 99% enjoyable, up until the part where "Chester the Molester" from next door rang my doorbell at midnight to remind us about the eclipse and invited us out to watch it in the parking lot. I'm not rude, so I went out, thinking the whole time, Please God, let the be a witness!

I'd also like to say that I couldn't be more excited for the Red Sox. I think it's pretty spectacular. I'm a sucker for victories like last nights'. I read an article today that said the last time the Sox won a WS, 1918 that TV, car radio and bubble gum had yet to be invented.


Toto, I'm Coming Home!

You may have already heard, or not, either way... I GOT A JOB TODAY!!! It's been a stress-filled drama for 2 weeks now with the highly anticipated climax today. I'll be working for an agency in Wichita, Associated Advertising. I'll be an Account Specialist for the Intrust Bank account, their biggest client. Benefits and pay seem to be great. I'm really excited and I don't think I've stopped to breathe all day. I start on November 8. Shelton and I have LOTS to do before then. I don't know what else to say, I dont' want to bore you w/ mundane details, but I don't want to leave anything out. I guess if there is a tidbit you'd like to know that I didn't include, just ask.

When we get to Wichita, we're going to be crashing w/ my second set of parents, Russ and Sherry. They are going to let us mooch off of them for a while until we can get situated in Wichita and find a neighborhood/house we're really comfortable with and not rush anything. SO, on that note, for the next month or two, you can contact me on my cell phone or through email.

Thanks to every one for your positive thoughts and crossed fingers!!!


Happy 2nd Birthday Eli!!!

I was lucky enough to get to spend the last two days w/ Jim's nephew, Barb's grandson, Eli!! It was a really good time. We had plenty of Mo-Mo Nax (Nemo Snacks), watched "Benji" 1/2 way 3 times and a full way once, we watched Nemo twice. Today was Eli's birthday so we got to hang out and enjoy his birthday presents. Eli, you're a good man! Thanks for making me laugh!!

I was also lucky enough to be there for the arrival of Barb's birthday present... JIM! Well, we probably all know, but he snuck in to town and surprised the bajeezes out of Barb! IT was pretty cool- nice work!

I think I've told most of you about the job offer at Associated in Wichita. If not, hold tight, I'll know all the final details and I'll save time for us all by typing one post then. Fingers crossed!


Brandi to the Rescue!!

So, I lied, something exciting did happen while I was in Wichita. I think I saved this lady's life. We were driving to my aunt's church to pick her up. We turned the corner and up against the wall of a liquor store I see this man beating the living hell out of this woman. He has her head smashed against the brick wall and she is crying and screaming Help Me, Help Me! So, we drive around the corner tot he church and I call 911 and tell the lady what's going on. It took like point 2 seconds and there were 3 cops there and they arrested the bad guy. It was pretty exciting. I wanted to stop and tell that woman I really did call and I didn't just leave her there, but I didn't. I hope she is ok.



I can't tell you how tired I am. Everything from my eyelashes to my spine is aching. The LONGEST trip to Wichita ever! I had a really nice time though. We had a surprise birthday party for my grandma... 65!!! She's a pretty fantastic lady. She has raised 6 children, including my super dooper mom! I'm her favorite grandchild, out of like 60 or something, there are a lot.

I really wish something interesting had happened in Wichita, but it didn't. Aside from the quasi job offer, which I will keep you posted on the progress of that little situation, nothing exciting happened. Again, I ask that you keep your fingers X'd.

I've got one hell of a long week ahead of me. I'm doing some research work for Javery along w/ a couple of other fellow Ad-Grads. Then, I'm babysitting Jim's too-cute nephew on Thurs & Fri at the infamous house of Barb. Next, my brother and his girlfriend are coming to stay and we're going to Dallas next weekend. Plus, I have to play housewife and get this place back to an orderly fashion.

My bed is calling my name. Sweet Dreams.


My Hometown

Hey kids, I'm in my hometown- Wichita, Kansas! Kansas is famous for Wheat, Boeing, the Are-Kansas river, my birth and Bob Dole.
I decided I haven't been here to visit the herd of aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, family friends and so forth in quite some time so I made the grueling 2 hour drive late last night. So far, I've stayed w/ my aunt and uncle in Clearwater, Ks- famous for, well, nothing I know about. It was a really nice time. They are my arch-Kstate rival. My apoligies for tomorrow are here in advance, I'm sorry! Today I had an interview w/ an agency here in Wichita. It actually went one million seven hundred sixty eight point eleven times better than I had imagined. I was given a quasi job offer. Kind of a you're definitely on the list for the next open spot, I definitely want you on our team. SA-WEET! Please keep your phalanges crossed! Tomorrow is a long day of shopping and football and hopefully some beer w/ the ladies in my family. A fun group. If you met them, you'd know where I get it from. After that, lots of chillin'. I'll fill you in with the pee your pants exciting details when I get home.

I'd also like to make a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! There is a little bit of melodrama going on at a nameless friend's blog. "He" and the participants know who they are. There is a lot of smack being typed. Listen up, I enjoy the friendship and company of each of you. I'm under no circumstances trying to get caught up in that mess. So, I'm asking you to PLEASE not write to me or talk to me about this mess and if you feel the need to do so, leave out the smack-talk. If you dont' like each other, that's fine, keep it to yourself.

My thoughts are with the Sooners tonight as they prepare to whoop up some Wildcats tomorrow!!! I hope you each have a very pleasant weekend.


Hey Chump, What's that Lump?!

bush's lump
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I'm sure we've all heard the discussions about the mystery lump in dub-ya's jacket during the first debate. Some think he was wired to his advisors, Edwards thinks it's his batter pack. My assumption is that it was a little ga-nome in a little pack reading dub-ya the answers. So what do you think the lump was????


It's Coming

Yes, it's that time of year again. You know it's lurking around every unsanitized corner, phone mouth piece, unwashed hand you shake. Every time you sneeze or cough, you wonder, could this be it? Oh yes my friends, I'm talking about the flu. And, I'm afraid to say, I think it's here. I woke up kind of sleepy this morning, but that's normal, it's Monday! However as the day progressed, I noticed I was coughing a little more often, a couple sneezes too many. I've got that head-too-heavy, hotter than hot but no fever, achy muscle, lethargic thing going on. So, I'm drinking the OJ and plan to knock myself out w/ a shot of Nyquil tonight. I've never had a flu shot, so this year's panic-inducing shortage isn't a problem for me. However, I'm sure as flu season progresses, it will become a problem for all of us, as more people will be sick. All I can say, at the risk of sounding like each of our mothers, WASH YOUR HANDS! Wish me luck as I prepare for the battle. Now, I'll sing you a song, "The flu ain't gonna break my style, the flu ain't gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving."


Tuck Fexas!!!

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Oh yeah baby, 5 in a row. Damn Right!!! Can you believe that game? Wow! I can't believe we shut them out w/ only 12 points.


Safety Street

sesame alert
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You might notice I have posted a modified version of the Homeland Security Advisory System just below the Links. Bert & Ernie wanted to keep us safe as kids, and who better to protect us from the bad guys now? So, for daily updates on the safety of our nation, you can turn here. Today's message is brought to you by the letter T, the number 9 and the color purple.


I'm Lovin' It!

As some of you know, I have a reputation for letting restaurants know how I feel when I'm upset, or happy, either way. About a week ago I went through the McD's drive-thru to grab a Crispy Chicken sandwich for dinner. I always order this sans mayo, but I always get a couple packages of their addictive-as-crack cocaine Hot Mustard. I put it on my sandwich and dip my fries in it. Seriously, if you've never had it... what in the HELL is wrong w/ you?! So, I ask the nice young lady at the window for Hot Mustard and she says "You're not allowed, you didn't get Chicken Nuggets." (apparently you can have the sauces if you have Ckn Nugs, not otherwise) Excuse you, huh, what?! I'm not "Allowed?" I had a similar incident happen a couple weeks ago, only that particular time they let me pay 10c a package. So I'm all sorts of curious as to why I can't have my Hot Mustard. She slides one package into my bag like she is doing me some kind of top-secret favor. Whoopee, one package. So I wrote a funny little note to the McD's corporation asking what reasoning there was behind this new Chicken Nugget Discrimination Policy. So yesterday I get a call from the general manager of my McD's and he invites me over for a free meal for Shelton and I to make up for it. He said there is no reason I should ever be denied Hot Mustard... damn right! I thought that was so nice. So they gave me plenty of Hot Mustard for my sandwich last night and it was delicious!


If I were any more BORED, I'd be DEAD

Geeze Louise! I cannot even begin to express to you the magnitude of sheer boredom I am experiencing. This has been building for days now. Boredom at home is one thing, I'm happy to take a nap or watch tv or play yet another game of online scrabble. However, waking up at 6:45am to drive 1/2 an hour to the city and look my very best only to sit here for the last hour and a half w/ NOTHING to do is ridiculous. There are no tv's, no where for a nap and after the IM incident I'm not going to attempt to play my game. So here I sit. I'm considering just dropping down under my desk, curling to the fetal position and drifting away to dreamland. The big boss is out of town today and he is the primary source of my workload. So with his absence, I'm left with nothing. The possibility of my leaving at lunch is getting greater by the second. Tonight is my favorite TV night, well kind of. Tonight is Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill... so I have something to look forward to. Not all people can say that.


In debt up to my toes!

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This is the actual bill from the OU bursar I received in the mail this morning. I owe the school 45 cents!!! Aren't they actually at a loss now? If you figure the cost of the paper, ink, envelope, stamp and man-hour, or minute, to put this letter together, doesn't that probably come out to a bit more than 45 cents? I plan to pay this, I just don't know when. If any of you happen to be on campus near the bursar office, please stop by and drop them some change, I'll get you back!


Happy Birthday Jim

As a tribute to Jim's 24th birthday, I decided I would make a list of all the things that make me think of him. With Jim being so far away, it's nice to have the little things that remeind us of him. Happy Birthday Jim, and here's to a fantastic year!!!

Banana Laffy Taffy
"Don't Panic"
the Hip-Rack
the thumb
"This isn't my first time"
Vista Bingo
Midget Bar melodrama


Picks of the Week

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These are things that have made my quality of life in the past week a little better, a little more enjoyable. Everyone have a fantastic first fall weekend!!!

1) Napoleon Dynamite, now in theaters. Make this your #1 priority this weekend. I can't remember the last time I laughed throughout an entire movie. Possibly Old School, but these aren't even on the same level.

2) October. I'm so glad fall is here, I just can't even tell you. It's my favorite time of year- rainy mornings, jackets, Halloween, it's all good.

3) Mac & Cheese. Yes, I made a bowl earlier this week. I make the absolute best mac & cheese under the sun. This makes me happy.

4) Garnier Fructis Deep Conditioning Mask. Not only is the smell conducive to inner peace, it makes make my hair friggin' straight!!!

5) Presidential Debates. One part information, one part entertainment= one decided voter.
I encourage everyone to vote on Nov. 2. If you haven't registered or need to update, go to www.justvote.com or go to your local tag agency.