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Brandi to the Rescue!!

So, I lied, something exciting did happen while I was in Wichita. I think I saved this lady's life. We were driving to my aunt's church to pick her up. We turned the corner and up against the wall of a liquor store I see this man beating the living hell out of this woman. He has her head smashed against the brick wall and she is crying and screaming Help Me, Help Me! So, we drive around the corner tot he church and I call 911 and tell the lady what's going on. It took like point 2 seconds and there were 3 cops there and they arrested the bad guy. It was pretty exciting. I wanted to stop and tell that woman I really did call and I didn't just leave her there, but I didn't. I hope she is ok.

Way to go Brandi! I'm so proud!

THAT IS AMAZING!!! You are such a wonderful person to have done that... the world would be a better place if it were full of you's


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