Happy New Year

Well, it looks like I've taken a little blog vacation, haven't I? Please accept my sincerest apologies. If you read this you obviously have nothing better to do with your time and so I have taken that one small pleasure away from you.

2006 is gone and I'm still dancing the hully-gully. Last year kicked me in the teeth and came back for more. The entire year felt like I was treading water with no land in sight. But it's gone. A memory I'm burying in the backyard with time-release dynamite.

When life hands you a lemon farm like that, you don't just make barrels of lemonade, you learn a lot of lessons. And lessons I did learn. I also learned a hell of a lot about myself. I don't believe in resolutions, but I definitely believe in wiping a slate clean and moving forward.

I want more. I want more out of my life, myself, my marriage, my career, all of it. The past few months I feel like I've rediscovered my writing bug and I'm really having a lot of fun doing it. It's been refreshing. I feel like everything I write is nothing more than anyone else would write. But somehow, without sounding like I'm patting myself on the back, I get so many compliments. And it means so much, and definitely drives me to keep going.

To start this year, I thought I'd expose a lot more of myself than I usually do. I want to write this to tell who I've been, who I am and where I want to go. One year from now, I want to look at it, and find the differences and additions. I want to give you 100 things about me, but I'll do it in little installments so you don't get bored.

1. I love dogs, but not other people's dogs.
2. Voicemail instructions make me crazy.
3. I get claustrophobic when my feet are covered.
4. I was a bed wetter.
5. I want to write a book, and I want to have it published.
6. I want to live outside of the midwest.
7. I'm fascinated by earwax and belly button lint.
8. I love that I work in advertising.
9. Google News is my primary news source.
10. I couldn't balance a checkbook if you paid me.
11. Dave Matthews Band kicks ass!
12. I think I'm prettier with my glasses on.
13. I have small, child-like square hands.
14. OU Sooner football is as close to a religious experience as I've ever had.
15. I want to be a mom.
16. I want to create and run my own business.
17. I play Scrabble every single day.
18. I regret that I did not study abroad during college.
19. I do not regret failing an entire semester in college.
20. My first wrinkle has been found.
21. I want to meet Oprah. Not a handshake, a meaningful conversation.
22. I cannot sew.
23. I'm a mentor and I get more out of it than she will ever know.
24. I did not start shaving my legs until 7th grade. People called me jungle girl.
25. I get jealous of company golf outings, because I have clubs and can't use them.
26. I go out of my way to see people cry at funerals.
27. My first cavity and my first speeding ticket happened this past year.
28. Dipping Wendy's fries in Frostys is my favorite.
29. Cooking makes me happy. I want to become an even better cook.
30. I hate when people buy me clothes.
31. I haven't been to church since high school.
32. I'm self-conscious of my gappy smile.
33. I like to sleep in my husband's boxers.
34. I keep a candy bowl on my desk, and never eat the candy in the bowl.
35. I like showers with the lights out.
36. I like the way a car sounds when the entire outside is packed in snow.
37. My husband calls me the "trip nazi".
38. I wish I had my pilot's license.
39. I have a tattoo. I want another one.
40. I think women with raspy voices are sexy.
41. I want to like MySpace.
42. I like to cry.
43. Macaroni and cheese makes my soul smile.
44. I do not drink liquor.
45. I would like to teach at a university. A long time from now.
46. I break out in hives when I speak in front of people. I'm working on that.
47. I want to get a master's degree for me- not for my career.
48. There are less than 5 people I consider a true friend.
49. There is nothing I don't like about being married.
50. I need new glasses, but don't want to give up my green frames.