Made from Scratch

When it comes to cooking, my track record is like 1000 and 0. Baking- 2 and 998. However tonight, I think I hit out of the park!
During dinner, which by the way I made fajitas and they were mui bueno!, Shelton and I were talking about how good cinnamon rolls would be.
I told him I could make some after dinner. He looked at me bewildered, like, you can make those at home?

So I broke out the cookbook and started dropping the goodies into the bowl. Then I realized I was out of eggs and yeast. So Shelton scurried off to the store and quickly returned. About 2 minutes after he walked in the door, I realized I needed powdered sugar and milk- so away he went.

After the roughly 2 hour prep time and all of Shelton's errands, the squishiest cinnamon rolls were pulled from my oven. Yes baking gods, I, Brandi Koskie, made cinnamon rolls from scratch and they were FABULOUS! I even made the vanilla icing to go on top.

Betty Crocker, eat your heart out.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the world's ROCKINEST mom!

the mom and me
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Mom is pretty friggin awesome. If you know her, you know what I'm talking about. I'm a pretty lucky kid.

Love ya!

This pic is of my mom and I at my aunt's and uncle's wedding. I'm a little over a year old in the pic. How CUTE are we!?


Knock-Knock! Guess Who?! Your WORST nightmare!

As I have stated before, when the biotch who wrecked my car gave me her information, it was all bogus! She's a lieing hoochy-boo! Expired insurance policy, phone number that had been disconnected, tag belonged to a different person/car. Well, I have been working diligently to find this hoochy-boo for 3 weeks. Nothing.

I did get lucky in that while she doesn't live at the residence where the wreck happened, she visits there often. So last night I actually had time to stop when I spotted her car in the driveway. Having just gotten my car back a few hours earlier, I was armed with a paid receipt of just short of $1700.

Shelton was with me and we decided to be awesome. I went to the door to confront the hoochy-bizzle and Shelton went to write down her VIN number and take pictures of her license plate. She came to the door, a little deer-in-headlights. I said, Oh hi, remember me?!
When I told her, I guess reminded her, that the information she had given me was bogus (DID SHE NOT THINK I'D FIND OUT?! DID SHE NOT THINK I'D COME FIND HER?! Dummy.) she very matter-of-factly said, "The phone number was right!". Oh woopity doo. "Hi mr auto repair man- here is a correct phone number, please fix my car." Hell of a lot of good your PHONE NUMBER does me!

Anyhow, I explained that I wanted to be nice and that she had a few options in this situation, 1- hand over her current insurance, 2- hand over a cashier's check for the amount of the repairs, 3- have a nice visit with my attorney in the court room where I physically remove the cash from her liver!

She stood there questioning the cost because "her car had no damage and she only hit me going 5mph". Well, I'm not a physicist and I can't explain the logistics of it but, your car hit mine, the entire front fender on my car needed to be replaced, you are going to pay for it. period.

She of course said she didn't have the money and she never once offered up the insurance, so I have to assume the hoochy-boo has none. She offered to make payments and I immediately clenched up and in an increased tone of voice said, "I'M BUYING A HOUSE NEXT WEEK! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR PAYMENTS!" Shelton, always Captain Cool, said, "That could probably work out."
So we told her we would send her a copy of the estimate and final receipt, as well as details on payment. We told her we'd have our attorney draw up the paperwork so that I basically have her by the liver and if she doesn't pay I get said liver.

I'm hoping this all plays out fairly and the good guys win and the hoochy-bizzle can keep her liver. My car has been repaired beautifully, after what took long enough to grow my own second liver in a baby food jar!

So, to all the hoochy-bizzles, which includes the people who decided to charge me 27c a piece for Hot Mustard at McD's, George W Bush and Wal*Mart, DO NOT MESS WITH BRANDI- I WILL SHOW UP AT YOUR DOOR WITH MY CAMERA-PHONE CARRYING HUSBAND AND EFF UP YOUR DAY!!!


A weekend in the 'Strip-Mall Church' Capital of the world

Shelton and I were in EXTREME need of some R & R. So Thursday night after work we head home for a weekend in Norman/OKC. Ahhhhhh. Always nice to be back home. We got to see everyone we set out to see, except for one. It was so nice to be able to catch up with everyone- Raz, Niaz, Paul and Megan, Patrick, Whitney and Jim and Family.

We crashed at Shelton's parents' house. They were only there for one night, then they too headed out of town for the weekend... leaving us with the keys to the palace. The trip really ended up feeling like a true vacation, without the maids.

We hit all our favorite restaurants- El Chico, Charlestons, Bills Fish, Rusty's and Bison Witches. And Barb stuffed us with her magic lemonade, Chilis, brownies and ice cream. All those fabulous tastes we can't get 'round here. So, we weigh more now than when we got started, but maybe that's why I'm in such a better mood... all the food endorphins and opiates. I did learn this weekend that cheese has opiates in it... that explains SO MUCH!!!

We watched Super Size Me- an eye-opening and artery-closing experience. I've never wanted french fries so much in my whole life! So tasty! Then we watched 40-Year Old Virgin... AWESOME!!! I was blown away at the fact that there was a real plot. But it was hilarious.

Anyway, good friends, good food, good movies. I hope that tonight's sunset represents the sun setting on all the bad and negativity that this month has brought.

Now, being home this weekend I got lost in all the growth. That town is just boomin' and bloomin'. New construction everywhere. Well, where there are new buildings, there are old empty ones. And what are they filling all these old Wal*Marts and strip-mall stores with? GOD'S LOVE! CHURCHES! Are they serious with this? I've never in my life been anywhere where church is so marketable, as in OKC. I saw a couple of outdoor boards with messages that cemented my reasons for not attending church. One read- "Hate church, but love God? So did we." ARE THEY KIDDING?! The other said something to the effect of "Chuch for people who don't like church". All the people in the picture had sexy, trendy haircuts and were wearing black leather jackets. It's just bizarre!

Here's your chance to tell Jim to stop being an ass!

After a fantastic lunch w/ Jim's family on Sunday (which I'll talk about in a later post) we decided that we are sick of Jim taking his sweet time getting JITBA, his blog, back on the web!

Join in our campaign to Save JITBA, by going to www.jitba.blogspot.com (i suck and don't know how to enter links).
Post your comment and tell Jim to get it together already!


Still here and no I haven't jumped yet

Well, I haven't been posting much lately. Other than bogging down the blog with constant complaining, I haven't felt motivated to write about anything.
This entire month has been a constant kick in the ribs. It's been an emotional, mentally-exhausting challenge every single day. Some may say I'm over-exaggerating, or being "all panicky". Really, it's been a rough one, I swear. Shelton asked if work was contributing to my stress and I replied, Absolutely Not- work is where I go to get away from all this insanity!!

Slowly but surely the sun is starting to peak from behind the clouds. There have been super teeny tiny victories in the last few days. Tiny. But it's something.

We are taking a couple days off in OKC this weekend. So far I'm feeling much better. I'm trying not to think about anything. Hopefully I can return to work on Tuesday refreshed, and hopefully my ora will cleanse itself of this muck.


Hot for Teacher!!

christie bride
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Christie begins teaching third grade tomorrow morning, Monday. As long as I've known Christie, 9th grade, she has wanted to be a teacher.

I'm so excited to finally see her living out her dream. I have no doubt she will be "that one" teacher that all of these little children remember. She is going to bring so much heart, laughter and enjoyment to her classroom and students.

Christie- I wish you nothing but the best of luck. I wish I could be there to congratulate you and wish you luck in person.

Go get 'em!


If I were forced to live in a Wal*Mart for one week and eat Ketchup Mashed Potatoes with socks on my feet... my week was worse than that

OK, I don't like to come on here and just moan and complain about the crappy stuff, I like to keep it pretty happy-like. However, I've wanted to post for two days, but I haven't found even that one flicker of happy at any point. My patience has been eaten up like a Thanksgiving turkey in a Salvation Army. My positive outlook has been turned off like a switch. I am cranky, I am mad, I am frusterated, and I pray that it goes away soon. I feel like everywhere I go, someone has been tipped off that they are supposed to do whatever possible to get up under my skin and make my situation worse than it was before I met them.

I haven't talked much about my wreck because I was waiting to catch a break and then I could spill about all the bad and then go, Aha! But wait! THERE IS NO BUT WAIT! All there is is a whole bunch of crap-phooey. My words from here forward are going to be less than polite, you've been warned.

So this bitch hits me last week. Backs into me while I'm BLARING my horn. We got out. I called the cops. They told me to just exchange information. Well, I'm always too naive for my own good and believe people are being honest with me. I wrote my info down, gave it to her. She wrote hers down, gave it to me. The next day after I filed the police report and contacted insurance, it turns out ALL OF HER INFORMATION WAS FALSE!!!! RARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
Well, I'm in what hell of a fuckaroo now. Thanks, bitch.

Now my car is at the shop to have $1700 worth of repairs done. It's not my fault. It's not fair. I didn't do a damn thing wrong. Now, after Shelton and I had gone in and paid for new furniture for our house, we had to call and cancel the order because I can't have a repaired driveable car AND new furnirure. Oh no no no. That would mean something positive would have to happen in my week. Something good would have to happen. And Lord knows that is JUST NOT A POSSIBILITY!

So, no new furniture. I'll live with what I've got. Whatever.

Then, I was supposed to attend a conference in Miami for a week, and would end up being gone during the DMB concert I have been planning to go to for like 3 months. My dear friend Sarah was going to come up from Florida to go with me. My birthday money was going to be used to by the tix. But, I had to cancel b/c I had to go on this trip. Shit happens, right. Well, then a couple days ago, I'm informed that the trip is NOT going to happen. AM I SURPRISED AT THIS POINT? NOOOOOOO!!! Now, Sarah wont' be able to come and I've long spent the money that would have been used for tickets. So, I guess I'm not going to that either.

You can throw in to this mix any number of irritating, frustrating, why is this happening to me again and again situations. It all adds up to one hell of a bad week.
I'm so mad, I'm so frusterated I could cry. I want to scream. I want to hit someone or something so hard my hand breaks. I'd love more than anything to take a baseball bat and destroy that womans to car to the point it looks someone tried to put her car through a blender.

But, I'm beign told that I'm too smart for that. I'm a much bigger person than that. My nasty temper is peeking it's head out and it doesn't do that often. I hate feeling like this, I hate it so much.

My parents and brother and his girlfriend are in town this weekend. It's rainy and I've been hoping for rain for a while. I'm trying to start this morning on the right foot and try to forget about all this nastiness. Life is handing me lemons, and all I want to do is throw them at someone. But, at some point this weekend, I'll try to remember how sweet they do taste.


The Best Day

The Look
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Everyday I am thankful that I found Shelton when I did. Everyday he makes my life a little brighter. He can make me laugh without even trying.

We're in a pretty good place right now. We're about to purchase our second home, but really, it's our first. We both have found jobs that are going to give us limitless room to grow and succeed.

I often think I wouldn't be sitting in my office working my dream job everyday if it weren't for him. He pushed me harder than anyone else. When school got to be too much, when I doubted what the end result would bring, he always pulled me back. And when I was offered the job in Wichita, not for one second did he hesitate to put everything he knows and loves aside to take that giant leap right next to me.

I know this next year is going to bring so many good things to our lives. Our prayers are often filled with wishes to grow our couple into a trio... maybe this will be the year.

Three years is such a drop in the bucket in the long run. But it feels like forever, yet it feels like we were married yesterday.

Thank you for loving me, thank you for giving me soemone to love. Thank you for your constant overwhelming support. Thanks for sharing your ice cream.

Happy Anniversary. I love you.



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Today is my little brother's 20th birthday! So hard to believe.
We came home this weekend and last night had a big dinner/cake/games thing. I'm glad it was your birthday so that we could have chicken fried steak.

I hope you have a fantastic year,

I love you! Happy Birthday!


Rare Form

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This is David wearing a T-shirt. Quite rare. So rare it's the SECOND TIME ever!

The shirt definitely says, "Utah, but I'm taller."
To his credit- it was a gift.

I betcha I can throw this football over them mountains!

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Just outside of David's new town is Preston, Utah- the film site for Napoleon Dynamite.

This is Uncle Rico's Van.

NO, this is not Photoshopped... lucky punk!

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My former "boss" David and his wife Julie moved to Utah. This is their living room window. Yes, that is a BIG BEAUTIFUL MOUNTAIN outside of it.

Everyone has to have a first, and at least mine was gentle

On my way home from work last night I got in my first wreck. Shelton claims that this minor, absolutely nothing of a whisper bump I had over a year ago was my first- I say not so. But for arguments sake, this was my first she-hit-me wreck.

I was driving down one of our busier streets, Dave Matthews soothing my troubles away. I had just left the Love Box store, pulled out into traffic when I saw her coming. She was backing out of her home driveway on to the busy street. I started honking to say, "Hey Lady! I'm back here!" She did not heed my warning. She just kept backing up. So, I said, "Hold on, here it comes." And I watched her ram right into the front of my car. Jerked me around a little, but it was all-in-all pretty mild.

Being the punk that I am, I immediately flipped her off... and then I felt bad. She didn't know I was there, I really believe that. Not that that makes it any less her fault. So I apologized as soon as I got out of the car. I felt really bad for doing that.

I parked my car in the center turn lane and walked across the street to her driveway. I told her I was going to call the police and she was like, "Oh, that's not necessary." Umm, heck yes it is. YOU JUST HIT ME. I called and they took the info, asked if it were necessary for an officer to come out or if we could just do the exchange. We exchanged and I'm going to the police station this morning to file my report.

My poor little Camry. The front quarter panel is pretty smashed in. I'm not going to drive it because to drive in a straight line, my hands on the wheel are at about 11 and 5- NOT GOOD! Hopefully her insurance will get me a rental car because I cannot afford to be without one.

I'm very lucky it was only as minor as it was. Except for the whole flipping the bird thing, I stayed pretty cool and level-headed about the whole thing.


Front of house

Front of house
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Ahhhhhhhhh. Can you hear the screams of elation? Can you feel the ground shaking from my jumping up and down? WELL YOU SHOULD!

We found this too cute house last night. It is in College Hill- the historic 1920's bungalow area of Wichita. The exterior left us imagining some 90 year old woman inside with cats and doilies. SO NOT THE CASE! The interior is a magical world of wonder that in a few short weeks I will be able to call home.

The offer we made last night was countered this evening and we accepted. Ding- that easy.
Below are a, ah-hem, handful of photos of the house.

We can't wait to show 'er off to you!

front house 2

front house 2
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front living room... check out that gorgeous ceiling

living room

living room
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living room looking to dining and stairs

main floor bedroom with the too stinkin cute shutters

bathroom potty and the very red walls that may or may not be staying

bathroom sink

bathroom sink
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bathroom with the claw tub

bathroom with the claw tub
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bathroom with the claw tub

bathroom with the claw tub
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family room looking from kitchen to backyard

family room looking to kitchen

family room looking to kitchen
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car port and the roof that will someday be my master bed patio

kitchen looking to dining and living

kitchen looking to family room

kitchen looking to family room
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main floor bedroom with the too stinkin cute shutters

master bedroom

master bedroom
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master bedroom 2 looking to the corner that will have the door to my patio

south side of the house with that yucky blue mint color


My diploma from OU just arrived. Hmm. I've waited so damn long for that thing to get here. At long last, I finally feel finished.

For those of you who don't know the story, or those of you who would enjoy a good laugh hearing it one more time, this is why I am only now getting this little piece of paper:

I walked in May 2004 with my class. They allowed me to walk because I was goign to be a summer grad- due to the 15 hours I completed last summer. Well, tried to complete. I ended up completing 12 because my Econ teacher spoke the least amount of English of anyone I had ever met. So I dropped. I took the class in Fall 04, finished in Dec 04. My transcript from OCCC finally made it to OU and when I called to confirm it's arrival, I was knocked down again. The professor at OCCC had mistakenly turned in an F as my grade, not the B I had made. By the time this fatal error was caught and fixed, deadline for grades was past. So, now I am in the books as a May 2005 graduate.

It took a long time to get here.