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Everyone has to have a first, and at least mine was gentle

On my way home from work last night I got in my first wreck. Shelton claims that this minor, absolutely nothing of a whisper bump I had over a year ago was my first- I say not so. But for arguments sake, this was my first she-hit-me wreck.

I was driving down one of our busier streets, Dave Matthews soothing my troubles away. I had just left the Love Box store, pulled out into traffic when I saw her coming. She was backing out of her home driveway on to the busy street. I started honking to say, "Hey Lady! I'm back here!" She did not heed my warning. She just kept backing up. So, I said, "Hold on, here it comes." And I watched her ram right into the front of my car. Jerked me around a little, but it was all-in-all pretty mild.

Being the punk that I am, I immediately flipped her off... and then I felt bad. She didn't know I was there, I really believe that. Not that that makes it any less her fault. So I apologized as soon as I got out of the car. I felt really bad for doing that.

I parked my car in the center turn lane and walked across the street to her driveway. I told her I was going to call the police and she was like, "Oh, that's not necessary." Umm, heck yes it is. YOU JUST HIT ME. I called and they took the info, asked if it were necessary for an officer to come out or if we could just do the exchange. We exchanged and I'm going to the police station this morning to file my report.

My poor little Camry. The front quarter panel is pretty smashed in. I'm not going to drive it because to drive in a straight line, my hands on the wheel are at about 11 and 5- NOT GOOD! Hopefully her insurance will get me a rental car because I cannot afford to be without one.

I'm very lucky it was only as minor as it was. Except for the whole flipping the bird thing, I stayed pretty cool and level-headed about the whole thing.

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