4 years changes a lot

4 years ago today Shelton and I started dating. 4 years ago my life changed. I'm a better person, a stronger person because of him. Thank you for loving me and making me feel beautiful and smart and funny every single day.

I hope all of you have an exciting and safe New Years Eve and that new year fills your lives with happiness!!!


It was nice

There were no sugar-plum fairies, there was no snow, there wasn't even a Christmas tree(?!), but it was a very nice Jackson Family Christmas. For once we got to sleep in!! Hopefully the days of 5am Christmas mornings are gone for a while. Sheesh! I just can't handle that. It was pretty much laziness for 2 straight days, much deserved laziness. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend:

- I finally got Airport Express!!! (thank you Shelton)

- Meet the Fockers is great- first was still better.

- We didn't have to drive. (thank you Grandpa)

- Shelton ate his steak with a spoon because he didn't want to ask for a fork.

- Jenna and I colored... in coloring books! The pictures are on the refridgerator.

- My brother almost shot a possum with a potato gun. Awesome!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with each of your families!


Jim's not the only one partying hard!

Friday night was my company Christmas party. Let me tell you, these people know how to throw a party. For starters, we checked into our hotel room at 6pm. That's right, they paid for each employee to have a hotel room for the night. And not just a hotel room, a suite. I could have lived there. 12 foot ceilings, beautiful wood furniture and trim, huge squishy bed, a giant window, huge bathroom, so on and so forth. Gorgeous, ok?!

Well, Shelton and I were all gussied up because it was a semi-formal thing. We both looked fabulous, if I do say so myself! The theme for the evening was " A Night at Sea." We walked in to the sounds of a steel-drum Caribbean band. it was way cool! We all stood around and starting drinking and then it was time for dinner. We had some sort of Roast Beef thing and Chicken Marsala, I had the chicken. It was delicious. Expensive delicious!! At this point I'm 3 glasses of Merlot in and I'm feeling good!

Right after dinner there was "entertainment." The party committee put together this absolutely side-splitting hilarious video. I'm praying I get a copy. It was just this montage of clips of random things we had all been filmed saying. Hard to explain. The last 5 minutes were of me in the turkey mascot suit, walking down the street in Wichita, into this bar ordering a drink. I flipped off the camera and poured a glass of Wild Turkey. You'd have to see it, seriously, I was crying I was laughing so hard.

Next, the President of our company came out dressed as a military general and gave out "purple hearts" to about 10 employees for hard work and blah blah blah. We were each given dog tags with our name, title and year. I thought that was pretty cool.

There were lots of prizes given out like football and basketball tickets, CDs, umbrellas (random) and restaurant gift certificates. The grand daddy was a week long trip to Atlantis in the Bahamas. I'll be damned if my AE didn't win! So Jealous!!

After all that calmed down, the booze was flowing and the tunes were rockin'! I requested "Pour Some Sugar on Me," and of course danced like a mad woman. I LOVE THAT SONG! I danced until midnight when Shelton finally drug my drunk ass out of there and back to our sweet suite! The party just made me appreciate how lucky I am to work for such a fantastic company. Man alive it was fun! Lots of laughing, hugs, and I think I might have FINALLY made some friends in Wichita!

So, Jim, you're not the only one who gets to party hard with work! Jude Law wasn't there, and there were no limos, but it was a damn good time!!


At long last...

Yes folks, it's true, I've finished college. Didn't I walk across the stage with her back in May, you might be asking yourself? Oh Yes you did my friends. I tricked you all, including some of my family. I had to take an agonizing 15 hours over the summer which turned into 12 after that "I only pretend to speak English" Econ teacher walked into my life. I had to drop the Econ like a hot potato and as of 20 minutes ago, I finished Econ. I took it online, which was quite handy with the move and all, I scored a 76 on my final and that means, this time next month I should be getting that perfect little round cardboard tube with MY BACHELORS DEGREE sitting snuggly inside.

Oh Yeah, and also....

This week has been pretty nuts with work. We're planning the 2005 creative and that just means a whole lot of meetings with people throwing out fantastic ideas only for my AE and I to turn to them and go, "ehhh, the bank will never go for it." Damn Conservativism. Anyhow, it's like go-go-go-go-go from sun up to sun down around there. This was not helped by the fact that my P.O.S. Dell has to have some sort of seizure every single day. I usually can't send PDFs to anyone under the sun, today it wouldn't let me into a vitally important program our agency uses- it's like our liver, we can't work without it. it was fixed before I left so tomorrow should be dandy.


Did you know...

So, yes, I stole this from BR's site (www.thick8.com). But, I thought it was a really fun idea and got a kick out of reading his, so now I will share with you the randomness that makes me, me!

When I blow my nose, I hold my left ear closed.

I once sat in Richard Simmon's limo, next to him.

I'm scared of the dark.

I cannot have my feet covered at night.

I currently carry 2 cell phones.

I have a tattoo of a gecko.

I hate bubble baths.

I peed my pants at my cousin's wedding. Last year. I was drunk.

The sound of people chewing on their finger nails makes me want to vomit.

I've never had a ticket.

During my driver's test, I told the instructor I didn't know where the emergency brake was.

I could eat macaroni & cheese every single day of the week.

I shave my big toes.

I play violin.

I don't believe in regret.

I once scratched a $1000 lottery ticket.

I'm currently living in a basement.

I love roller coasters.


If Only it Were True...

I walked past the television at work today, turned to MSNBC. There was a picture of George W with a tag above his head that read, "Intelligence Overhaul." I immediately thought, wouldn't it be nice if they really had taken him in for an intelligence overhaul? How nice that would be for all of us!


It was $20 to park...

...but it all went WAY up hill from there! (I'm not kidding, a $20 dollar bill to leave my car between the white lines)

That's ok though, it was well worth it. First off, I think I've been spoiled because I can't see watching a football game any other way now. The suite was just that- sweet! As soon as we walked in I was charged, the view was awesome. We were on the second level, Oklahoma endzone on the CU side. I could read the players' jerseys without even trying. We could see all the action.

The suite had it's own bathroom, which was nice, because I've had really bad experiences with public bathrooms in football stadiums! There were very comfy leather chairs, but we didn't spend much time in those. Lots of food! We had hotdogs and chicken strips with every condiment imaginable! Lots of beer and pop, brownies, cookies, chips and salsa, etc and so on! I was cutoff after 2 beers because I dumped mine all over the floor. I was like, "Damn it Brandi! Just be cool!"

Although it was like 12 degrees outside, that is where we spent 90% of the game. We had a few rows right outside the suite. The place was on fire and the Sooners owned that stadium. The largest collection of CU fans in one spot was the band.

We stayed to watch the trophy ceremony and then made our way out. WE ARE GOING TO THE ORANGE BOWL!!!! It was my first "non-season" game, and Shelton's first OU game ever, and damn we had fun! Shelton and I both screamed and yelled and clapped and Boomer Sooner'd until the end. This morning, I brought in two bowls full of oranges for myself and Miguel to put on our desks. BOOMER SOONER everybody!


Best Seats in the House

On a whim the other day, I asked our media director if he could maybe, jusssst maybe score a pair of tickets to the Big 12 Championship game being played in KC this Saturday. OU and Colorado face off in what will hopefully be the Sooners last stop before the bed of Oranges that lays before them!!!

Well he came through... BIG TIME!!! He got 2 tickets for me and 2 tickets for my AE... in a BOX SUITE AT ARROWHEAD STADIUM!!! It's indoors w/ plenty of heat and also has 3 rows outside for us to use, plus free food and drinky. The letters aren't big enough for me to show just how damn excited I am about this!

This job gets better and better every single day! I'll definitely fill you on the details when I get back. Until then, BOOMER SOONER BABY!!!