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It was nice

There were no sugar-plum fairies, there was no snow, there wasn't even a Christmas tree(?!), but it was a very nice Jackson Family Christmas. For once we got to sleep in!! Hopefully the days of 5am Christmas mornings are gone for a while. Sheesh! I just can't handle that. It was pretty much laziness for 2 straight days, much deserved laziness. Here are some of the highlights of the weekend:

- I finally got Airport Express!!! (thank you Shelton)

- Meet the Fockers is great- first was still better.

- We didn't have to drive. (thank you Grandpa)

- Shelton ate his steak with a spoon because he didn't want to ask for a fork.

- Jenna and I colored... in coloring books! The pictures are on the refridgerator.

- My brother almost shot a possum with a potato gun. Awesome!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas with each of your families!

It was also wonderful for us here in possum country. Love you bunches

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