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It's the little things

My husband is the sweetest most romantic guy ever! Friday afternoon at work, I get this big package from him. Inside was a big helium "Congrats" balloon, like 10 pieces of OU paraphanalia and it was all on top of this huge pile of rose petals. OHHHH!!! I just loved it! It was just a congrats on the job/i miss you package. It's just one of those little things that reminds me why he is so wonderful.



From: Shauna

That is so sweet.. I'm jealous!!! I really don't think that Brady would ever do that. But.. he did let me order a lavender blanket that is filled with lavender flower buds. It smells great and you can heat it up in the dryer or microwave (like those heated wrap things). He also let me get up to $100 worth of relaxation stuff from this site. I also got some bath fizzies that have dried flower petals in them along with some scrubby things. Woo hoo! hehehe... I feel pampered, but still your package beats my treat! :)

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