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It's been a long day and while Halloween will end in about an hour and a half, I wanted to share some favorite Trick or Treating Treat memories. The people in my neighborhood as a kid used to give out the most random stuff, some treats, some tricks. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and made some fabulous new memories of your own.

- The family who owned a Chinese restaurant would give us a 2-pack of saltine crackers every year. By the time we got home they were like little plastic wrapped packages of sawdust... terrible idea.

- The two old ladies, no where near one another, who consistently gave us pennies every single year. On a little table in their foyer, there would stack after stack of 10 penny piles. We'd each get 10c dumped into our goody bag. Lady, I can't even buy a decent piece of bubble gum for that much... but it was sweet.

- ANYONE who gave out those TERRIBLE brown & white striped peanut butter things and also those orange and black wax paper wrapped taffy things. UGH! There were a lot of those. If I could have avoided those houses, I would have.

-This one is fabulous! There was a lady in our n'hood who worked for M&M/Mars I believe. Anyhow, she would give out king size Snickers every year. We NEVER missed her place.

- I was also fond of the family who gave us the little packages of hot roasted peanuts in the shell. They were so warm and toasty on those cold Halloween nights. Also, a never miss.

With Halloween behind us, that means one thing- the election is ALMOST OVER!!! All i'm going to say, is don't forget to vote Tuesday. I think this time, every single vote is going to make a difference.

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