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Initiate Panic Mode & Random Thoughts

In the famous words of Jim, "Brandi, Geeze, Don't Panic!" Well, too late. It's not so much that I'm panicking (does that look weird or is it just me?), just that I'm such a little planner and this is so out of the blue and time is ticking by very quickly.

Yesterday I got about 30 boxes from Walgreens and about 50 days worth of free newspapers from Norman Transcripts. I've packed about 20 boxes so far and I've washed enough newspaper ink off my hands to fill a new ink cartridge. The checklist of Pre-move To-Dos has been made and I have my official "Moving" clipboard strategically placed on the dining table. We have a plan A made and in action, no plan B (ahh hell!).

Maybe I don't need to panic. Everything is going smoothly so far. We've still got to get everything moved out so the painters and carpet layers can come in. I love that I had to live w/ nasty carpet for 3 years and now we get to buy new carpet for someone else.... such is life.

On another note, the lunar eclipse was pretty cool last night. Elliott stayed over and we kept watching it until about 1am. It was 99% enjoyable, up until the part where "Chester the Molester" from next door rang my doorbell at midnight to remind us about the eclipse and invited us out to watch it in the parking lot. I'm not rude, so I went out, thinking the whole time, Please God, let the be a witness!

I'd also like to say that I couldn't be more excited for the Red Sox. I think it's pretty spectacular. I'm a sucker for victories like last nights'. I read an article today that said the last time the Sox won a WS, 1918 that TV, car radio and bubble gum had yet to be invented.

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