Home Away from Home

Shelton and I begin our biannual housesitting week tonight. Twice a year my in-laws head off to some far away place for the Ace Hardware Show (we are an Ace owning family, if you didn't know). This time they are headed to St. Louis. Anyhow, it's like a nice little fake vacation. They live in Moore in a fabulous house. The fridge is stocked and cash is left on the counter, it's a nice arrangment we have. They even bought a new guest bed this weekend because I don't find their bed to be very comfortable (ok, I'm a brat, I'm not the soul reason they bought a guest bed). Our only responsibilities are to feed the dogs and let them potty. I enjoy pulling up to the house and pretend I'm in a fabulous car, roll into my 3-car garage and walk into this beautiful house and pretend it's all mine! I get to soak in the BIG BIG tub and watch cable programming (any shows I should catch- up on this week?). It's a nice fantasy life for a few days.

I will unfortunately be enjoying this all by myself. Shelton took on a 3 week shift, 3pm-midnight. So, if you'd like to come chill or just give me a call, I would welcome the break from the boredom and lonliness (ahh, pity). However, if I don't answer, I might be in a big jacuzzi bubble bath... please leave a message, I'll call you back.


Soundtrack of My Life

Beau did this on his site, so I figured, why not. As Beau said, wouldn't it be cool if these could cue throughout the day, just like in the movies! Maybe you'll find some faves or something you haven't heard in forever.
Opening song: Clocks- Coldplay
Waking up: Beautiful Day- U2
First date: Accidentally in Love- Counting Crows
First kiss: Sweetest Thing- U2, Love Song- The Cure
Falling in love: #41- Dave Matthews Band (our wedding dance!)
Seeing old Love: How do You Like Me Now- Toby Keith,
ExGirlfriend- NoDoubt
Heartbreak: Runaway Train- Soul Asylum
Driving fast: Mission Impossible II Theme- Limp Bizkit/ Fred Durst
Getting ready to go out: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cindi Lauper
Partying with friends: Dirrty- Christina Aguilera, Hey Ya- Outkast
Dancing at a club: Must be the Money- Nelly
Flirting: Faith- George Michael
Feeling sexy: Red Light Special- TLC
Walking alone in the rain: Yellow- Coldplay
Missing someone: Landslide- Stevie Nicks
Playing in the ocean: Kokomo- The Beach Boys
Summer vacation: Boys of Summer- The Ataris
Fighting with someone: Break Stuff- Limp Bizkit
Acting goofy with friends: Love Shack- B52's
Thinking back: Yesterday- Boys II Men
Feeling depressed: Running- No Doubt
Christmas time: White Christmas- Frank Sinatra
Falling asleep: Come Away with Me- Norah Jones


Make Blogs, Not War

I found an interesting article on Yahoo! news this morning. Apparently there are a lot of blogs being written by our soldiers in the Middle East. I've read a couple and they are very interesting. I thought I'd put a couple links on here, in case you're interested. It's a chance to hear a different side of the war story, and on that hasn't been edited for ratings.
Yahoo! Story: http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20040925/ap_on_hi_te/blogs_of_war
Soldier Blog: http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com/
Soldier Blog: http://docinthebox.blogspot.com/

(my apoligies if these don't come up as hyperlinks!)


Here Goes Nothin'!

As we all know, I'm not the most computer savvy gal out there. I'm going to give this blog thing a try. Hopefully it will be entertaining and slightly interesting, if not, you're excused from reading. I will use this to keep you updated on the goings on in mine and Shelton's captivating lives, and point out odd or interesting things going on in the world around us. Please comment whenever you feel the urge, otherwise, this is just me talking into cyberspace. This might actually be easier than a normal conversation with me, as you won't be distracted by my hands flailing about the second my mouth opens. I hope you enjoy.