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As we all know, I'm not the most computer savvy gal out there. I'm going to give this blog thing a try. Hopefully it will be entertaining and slightly interesting, if not, you're excused from reading. I will use this to keep you updated on the goings on in mine and Shelton's captivating lives, and point out odd or interesting things going on in the world around us. Please comment whenever you feel the urge, otherwise, this is just me talking into cyberspace. This might actually be easier than a normal conversation with me, as you won't be distracted by my hands flailing about the second my mouth opens. I hope you enjoy.

Hi Brandi! I'm so damned excited to be the first person to comment on your blog! I shall look forward to viewing this page of entertainment and information quite frequently. Right now I'm watching "Little Monsters" -- remember that? With Fred Savage and Howie Mandel? Well it's terrific and there's not much to do when there's a hurricane outside. Why did it have to come on Saturday? Obviously Jeanne hit South Florida to party...that whore. Later.

Damn... beau beat me, thats a first. Little Monsters is sweet movie! I loved that thing. I would watch it even if a hurricane wasn't outside. Brandi this site looks good... I look forward to reading about your antics.

the previous post was by me ... jim

Awesome Brandi! I'm so proud of you!!!! :) Talk to ya soon.... Shauna

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