The toes are out of hibernation!

This is Flip Flop Debut Day 2006! While a mild and comfortable fifty degress outside, I thought it was the perfect day to release my toes, and my soul, back out into the wilderness. THANK GOD! I think I literally felt my feet exhale this morning. I even painted them pretty pink last night so that they looked fabulous for their debut.

Shelton and I started hitting the gym this past week. It feels so good to get in there after work and run, jump and pump. I'm running 2 miles each night on the treadmill-swing... no idea what it's really called. Then I work my arms and back one night and legs the next. Again, I don't know the name, but I used this weight machine that forces me to push the weights with my theighs. All was good until we reached 2 days later... and now I can't walk. Do women have a groin? If so, I pulled it. In fact, I think it was removed.


I'm a criminal

My streak of never having gotten a ticket has come to an end. A sad, painful end. I didn't even get to have any fun getting it! Just driving home from work for lunch when I saw the lights flashing behind me. Where did this clown come from? So I pulled over and I couldn't even pretend to know why I was pulled over. He asked me if I knew why he was pulling me over, I said no. He said I was going to quick. He gave me a ticket for 40 in a 30. Whatever. Everyone goes 40 on that street. 30 is unrealistic. So I got my first ticket and I'm pretty ticked.


Basketball- nice to meet you

I know you'll never believe it when I say it, but I've NEVER been to a basketball game and I've watched maybe a total of 12 minutes of the sport on TV. I have no idea what the logistics are... completely ignorant when it comes to basketball.

Well, that all ended last night. My client was sponsoring the WSU game against Creighton, so I thought I should go. Our agency has season tickets so I snagged a pair and took my valentine to the basketball game. I told him on the way there that we could skip out after the first half or something, I wasn't really interested in staying.

Well that changed about a minute after we got there. That place was sold out, packed to the gills. A sea of yellow in all directions and a roaring thunder of cheers and clapping that never stopped. It was like OU football games, whether you cared for the team or not, you could not help but get swept up in all the excitement.

We had really decent seats. Shelton and I both screaming and clapping and cheering right along with everyone else. I just stood their completely unsure of why I'd never gone to an OU basketball game the entire time I was there. What the hell was I thinking?! This was really fun!

I was really pretty clueless to the length of the game as well. I was positive it had to be 3 periods, 20 minutes each, for a total of an hour of play time... like football!. That's why I thought they were a bunch of pansies for going to the locker room for a break after the first period.

With just a couple minutes left in the second period, the place was absolutely on fire. Score was neck-and-neck and WSU needed this win to put them in the #1 seat. People started putting their coats on and grabbing their belongings and I was kicked back, relaxed, thinking about going to get another drink. I couldn't believe people were leaving with sooooo much game time left.

We finally worked up the nerve and asked the man next to us, he let us know that the game was in fact only 2 periods long. 40 minutes of play time? Ok, then maybe I should put my coat on too. In the last second the teams were tied and it goes in to overtime. They played their hearts out in those five minutes and won at the buzzer with a beautiful shot.

So the Shockers welcomed me in to the world of hardwood and hoops. I feel like I've let OU down. But I'm determined to make it to one of their games now. Just like everytime I try some new food that I'm POSITIVE I'll hate, I'm pleasantly surprised to learn that I've been missing out on something.


She said YES!!!

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My younger brother, Kyle, proposed to his girlfriend, LaRenda, on Friday night. They have been together for 3 1/2 years and we all new it was just a matter of time before he finally got around to poppin' the question.

He scheduled a limo to pick her up from work on Friday night. She was driven to the restaurant where he was waiting. I hear that there were tears and flowers and, of course, a ring!

I asked Kyle if it all went smoothly and according to plan, he said yes. His only complaint was that she said yes to fast.

The biggest congratulations to you both. I couldn't be more excited. I am anxiously awaiting the date now.


Four Things

Borrowed from Dooce

Four jobs I've had

1. Cleaning houses. One of my clients was Steve Owens. I dusted his Heisman.
2. Old Navy Men's Lead. Spent most of college here. Met Shelton.
3. Walgreens Photo Lab. WOW! The things you see. And yes, I saw them.
4. Advertising Acct Exec. This is the best one yet.

Four movies I can watch over and over

1. Napoleon Dynamite
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Christmas Vacation
4. Top Gun

Four places I've lived (I'm really only allowed to put 4??)

1. OU Dorms- Couch 636E
2. Condo- 1.5 years of which we "don't discuss"
3. Basement- When we needed a home, the Braces & the red shag carpet were there
4. My "new", beautiful 1915 home in Wichita

Four TV shows I love

1. Gray's Anatomy
2. Friends
3. The L-Word

Four places I've vacationed

1. Winfield, KS. A week of camping with hippies and hillbilles and damn good music.
2. Toronto, Canada. A week w/ the band in high school. 28 hours one way on a bus.
3. Chicago, Ill. Can we PLEASSSSE go back??
4. Orlando, FL. Twice, both to Disney. Once w/ the fam, the other for honeymoon.

Four of my favorite dishes (yes, there are 4 things I'll eat)

1. Beef enchiladas from El Chico
2. Chicken club salad from Charleston's
3. Mannicotti from Zio's
4. Catfish and fries from Hook, Line & Sinker (Dallas)

Four sites I visit daily

1. Dooce
2. Jim
3. Natalie Dee
4. Post Secret (every Sunday)

Four places I would rather be right now

1. My bed
2. Chicago
3. Grand Lake
4. OU football game

Four bloggers I am tagging

(I don't know what this means, so I'm not including it)