Yes, I'm a legal resident of Kansas

I took off the afternoon at work today so I could face the song and dance at the DMV. My license expired in February (oops!). I have found ONE MORE THING that is different in Kansas than Oklahoma. There is ONE tag office and ONE drivers license office... and they are NOT in the same building! Who in the HELL thought that up? UGH! And, AND, they are both smack dab in the middle of the most ghetto parts of town.

So I get there and the line is as long as the Great Wall of China, luckily it moved as quickly as the speed of sound. I got up, fully expecting them to ask for my Uncle's Brother's Dog's next door neighbor's birth certificate and shoe size, but they didn't!!

I handed over my two forms of ID and since I had let my DL expire I had to take a written test. OUCH! Umm, if it hadn't been for the cheat sheet they provided me with, I would have failed. Don't laugh, because you know the same is true for you. I didn't know what some of the traffic signs meant, I didn't know how far tostay back from a motorcycle.

Anyhow, for $22 I got a new picture taken, updated the weight (SO NOT 120 anymore) and I was handed a Taco Bell receipt. WHAT?? My real ID won't come for 30-60 days, so instead, I was handed what amounts to a Taco Bell recipt with my picture on it and that will act as my legal ID until then. Weird. But, OK.

So, the days of my Oklahoma DL are gone and since I paid 2004 taxes and now have a Kansas plate and DL, I guess that makes me a resident. Now I just need an address.


Standing on street corners is oh-so bad

Today I attended the Grand Opening celebration for the bank. It was a smashing hit. The parking lot was full of people. We had food, games, karaoke, free giveaways and lots of sunshine. One of the women I work with suggested that we stand on the street corner and hold up our signs and wave people in. The more people the better.

So we take off. We are waving, holding up our signs, people are honking, all is well. That was until these two little blonde things were cruising along in their convertible mustang, top down, and were NOT looking at the road. The driver was completely turned around in her seat watching us, totally unaware that the light had turned red, and we watched her drive straight in to the backend of a mini van.

The woman I was with both took off running... away from the accident! I was shaking so badly. I collected myself and then ran in to the street to see if they needed anything. Thankfully everyone was ok. A huge chunk of mini van carnage was laying in the street. No one was questioned. I don't even think the police came.

Full Swing Ahead

In case you haven't noticed, it's spring outside! This means that I'm coughing, A LOT, I'm sneezing, A LOT, I can't breathe, MOST OF THE TIME, and it also means that everyone at work is starting to get the golfing itch. Almost two years ago I got a full set of clubs for my birthday. I've always been interested in learning, I just haven't had anyone to teach me. But now I'm living in the same town as my Grandpa once again and so, yes, I have a teacher.

My clubs were left in OKC as it was winter and no room in the car for transport. They were hibernating. Found out yesterday that a friend is coming up from OKC on Monday and they are going to bring my clubs with them!!! Yippee!!! I will keep you posted on my progress as a golfer. I expect to be the least serious golfer the world has ever known. I mean, I take few things seriously, I don't know why I would this. I think it will be enjoyable, some extra time with Gramps and maybe, jusssst maybe the boys club at work will let me play some time.



I got home tonight and Shelton said he had just called the credit card to have our credit line lowered... by FIFTY PERCENT! I asked him if he would call them back and at least raise mine back where it was.

He didn't.


What a perfect weekend I had. Seriously. We got to stay in town for a change, so that was nice. Lots happened so hold on tight and prepare for storytime...

Friday night my parents were in town. And you know what that means...FELIPES! (pardon me while I puke). So that went well. I had Tecates and warm tortillas for dinner... that's a man's meal right there!

Saturday I spent the better part of the day scrapbooking. Hello! LOVE-IT! I'm putting a book together for a woman at work. I have about 9 years of pics to get through and I was able to plow through all of 1996.

Saturday evening gave way for the almost-bi-annual family Hold 'Em night. There were 12 of us at the table. $25 buy in. My cousin put together a ridiculously awesome spreadsheet in order to keep the game moving and the blinds increasing. I was pretty psyched when I finished 4th out of 12... friggin sweet. I won my $25 bucks back but then lost $5 in the "Losers" table.

Sunday it was back to scrapbooking. Mid day Shelton and I met some guys from work for the Big Bro/Big Sis Bowling Classic. Hell-a-fun! Oh my goodness, I have not laughed so much and so hard in SOOOO long. The guys from work were great. Too funny. Shelton slipped on the bowling wax and busted his hiney in the middle of the lane. My best score was a 95... and that game I earned a Turkey!!! (that's 3 strikes... IN A ROW)!
I'd like to thank the donors for their generous donations. That list includes:
Jerry and Lori Jackson
Gary and Denise Morehead
Jim Crews

Now, I'm eating my lunch off of a paper plate at my desk. That means, back to the grind. But I have a feeling this will be a good week. I wish the same to you.