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Standing on street corners is oh-so bad

Today I attended the Grand Opening celebration for the bank. It was a smashing hit. The parking lot was full of people. We had food, games, karaoke, free giveaways and lots of sunshine. One of the women I work with suggested that we stand on the street corner and hold up our signs and wave people in. The more people the better.

So we take off. We are waving, holding up our signs, people are honking, all is well. That was until these two little blonde things were cruising along in their convertible mustang, top down, and were NOT looking at the road. The driver was completely turned around in her seat watching us, totally unaware that the light had turned red, and we watched her drive straight in to the backend of a mini van.

The woman I was with both took off running... away from the accident! I was shaking so badly. I collected myself and then ran in to the street to see if they needed anything. Thankfully everyone was ok. A huge chunk of mini van carnage was laying in the street. No one was questioned. I don't even think the police came.

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