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Where should I begin?

After an incredibly long week in KC I am home. I have traveled more highway miles in the last 5 days than I care to count. Not only did I drive back from KC yesterday but I immediately drove to OKC for family holiday with Shelton's family. I-am-tired.

So I am going to hit on some high points and leave it at that.

On the second day of shooting we stopped to have lunch. The caterer on set was my best friend. She kept feeding us ALL DAY with JUNK and it was GOOD. Anyhow, we are standing in line for lunch and this man walks up next to me and asks how I am. I'm like, fine. He then asks if this is some kind of charity function or open to the public. I'm looking around thinking, do we really look like a meals on wheels group? Umm, no. I politely informed him we were on a tv shoot and he went back to his truck where HIS WIFE WAS WAITING. It was weird.

I ordered a extra thick mint chocolate chip shake from the Braums in Guthrie off I-35. It took all the way until I was in downtonw Edmond to get any of that to move up through the straw. I think I sucked a hole in my own tongue. Nice work Braums!

I got my new suit this weekend. I'm psyched. It is gorgeous. Thank you 'rents-in-law.

And finally, again props to the in-laws, we got new cell phones. Not just any ole cell phone. A Motorola MPX220. Pretty much it's a computer with an antenna. Umm, it's pretty friggin awesome. When I told Jim I have it, he said, HA! You don't know how to use those! (thanks) He's right I don't. But I'm having fun learning. I can get all my email, Outlook AND forward my 405 # calls to my 316 #... that's hot. Now, I'm no longer a nerd with 2 cellphones and I switched up for a fantastic phone that I will NEV-ER learn all the functions of.

Here is to a great week everyone. I will be slammed hella busy at work again. Peace.

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