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Going Up?

Now that I am in the corporate world, one thing keeps bothering me: proper elevator etiquette. Where in the hell was this elective?

I never know who is supposed to get on or off first. Sometimes people just stand there and awkwardly stare and I can't tell if they are letting me leave before them or if they are impatiently thinking, "just go already!"

When people are walking toward the elevator, at what point do you call it too late to stick your arm between the doors and hold for them?

Talking. Shizah! This is my biggest issue. I hate staring blankly and you know we're both thinking, "Do I say hi,?" "Do I complement her shoes,?" "Oh, that looks interesting, are you going to --- Department?" And then when you go to leave there is always that weird, "Have a nice day."

Sometimes I offer to hit the floor buttons for people, sometimes they accept and sometimes they push past me to hit it themselves. I remember in the dorm elevators (which I realize is a far cry from the bank elevator) there was always one person who hit all the floor buttons. Just the way it was. Now here, I don't know who is in charge of hitting buttons. And when I get in last, I never know if I should squish past people to hit floor 7 or if I should ask them to do it.

Am I crazy or does everyone have this sort of panic attack when they get into the elevators?!

A list of elevator personalities ... which one are you?



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