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I can't believe I'm sharing this

Ok, so you all know how I am when it comes to "this" subject. Boom-boom. The bad potty. Well, let me tell you, I've never been one for talking about it, and I've never been one for doing it when there are others near. It took the better part of a year for me to even go if Shelton was in the house after we moved in together. I finally got over that and having 2 bathrooms aided the process.
So the point of this post is that it is almost impossible to go boom-boom when you are living in someone elses home and there is only ONE BATHROOM and it is right off the living room. There is no chance of achieving secret boom-boom making. The first couple weeks, if i needed to go boom-boom, I would just go in and take a shower that way everything had cleared by the time I was out and no one was the wiser. That doesn't always work. I'm looking forward to having my own bathroom and my own boom-boom schedule again.

Now, part II. I'm so SICK of people going boom-boom at the office. I mean, if you gotta, then do it. But for the love of God, practice proper Office Boom-boom Etiquette. This would include, using the available air spray, FLUSHING, not leaving your boom-boom ON THE SEAT, did I mention flushing?

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