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Parental Surprise

I got off work on Friday and asked Shelton if we could go to dinner. We were hemming and hawing over that when Russ, the roomy, says my Dad just called and he's at my aunt's house. WHAT?! I was like way to be Captain Random. But then I remembered he was bringing his big 'ole generator down to my aunt and uncle since they are part of the unfortunate without power for at least another week. So, we look at each other, Shelton and I, and say, Looks like we're going out to dinner after all. Well, that high was quickly spoiled when it dawns on me Dad + Wichita = Felipes. What this means to Brandi: one grossy-Josie dinner. Felipe's is this Wichita'n institution. It's part of the lay of the land. Mexican food that is not my favorite. I love mexican food, just not their's. So we meet up with dad, and the aunt/uncle duo and head to Felipes. I had 2 Tecates and chicken strips!!
Anyhow, we spent the rest of the evening in my aunt's Cave/Amish dwelling using flashlights and lanterns. Dad and Uncle Britt swapped crazy delinquent stories of their youth. CRAZY everyone! Even Shelton left out of there like, Wow, I had NO IDEA! You're dad is crazy sometimes, but NO IDEA! It made me realize that even my best "bad" stories, are like strawberry shortcake on a sugar high- in other words, not that bad. Way to raise me mom & dad! It was a really nice evening and a nice surprise to get to spend it Dad.

Once again my dear you have made me laugh out of my chair. Never never get your dad and your uncle in the same room swapping youth escapades. They were quite the pair of teenagers. Surprising you guys all turned out so well rounded. It is because of my great work. Love you bunches

wow anonymous loves you bunches... I need to get me one those secret admirers.


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