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At long last...

Yes folks, it's true, I've finished college. Didn't I walk across the stage with her back in May, you might be asking yourself? Oh Yes you did my friends. I tricked you all, including some of my family. I had to take an agonizing 15 hours over the summer which turned into 12 after that "I only pretend to speak English" Econ teacher walked into my life. I had to drop the Econ like a hot potato and as of 20 minutes ago, I finished Econ. I took it online, which was quite handy with the move and all, I scored a 76 on my final and that means, this time next month I should be getting that perfect little round cardboard tube with MY BACHELORS DEGREE sitting snuggly inside.

Oh Yeah, and also....

This week has been pretty nuts with work. We're planning the 2005 creative and that just means a whole lot of meetings with people throwing out fantastic ideas only for my AE and I to turn to them and go, "ehhh, the bank will never go for it." Damn Conservativism. Anyhow, it's like go-go-go-go-go from sun up to sun down around there. This was not helped by the fact that my P.O.S. Dell has to have some sort of seizure every single day. I usually can't send PDFs to anyone under the sun, today it wouldn't let me into a vitally important program our agency uses- it's like our liver, we can't work without it. it was fixed before I left so tomorrow should be dandy.

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