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My big life in advertising!!

turkey trot
Originally uploaded by oubrandi.
One of our clients is Honeysuckle White- the turkey! Well, they were sponsoring an event on Saturday and a lot of the agency came out to help. it was really a lot of fun. Well, as you can see, the event even had a mascot. That is "Wishbone," the live action turkey mascot. Who plays Wishbone? That would be me! Just about 2 or 3 days into my fabulous new job, my office-mate asked me to play the part. What the hell, why not!? I actually had a lot of fun. I took tons of pictures with kids and families. It was pretty cold that day so the temp inside was jusssst right!
There is another event in Las Vegas in a few weeks. I told them that if they needed Wishbone to make an appearance, I could probably arrange that. We'll see what happens.

From: Shauna

That's so dang funny! I love it! I especially love the person bending over and showing their clothed "moon" right above your shoulder!!!

Brandi, that is the cutest picture that I have seen of you in a while. :)


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