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I ((heart)) Patrick

Most of you have not met my dearest friend Patrick. He is crazy. We met 5 years ago at Old Navy and life has just not been the same. He was very sad that I had not mentioned him on my blog and had mentioned all my other fabulous friends, so here is your shout out Patrick!

Here are my top 5 favorite Patrick memories:

1) Spring Break @ Grand Lake- absolute insanity!

2) The night my old roomie bolted in the apartment looking like a scary-ass Sasquatch.

3) The night he turned out the electricity to my apartment while aforementioned roomie was watching Dawson's Creek.

4) Lots of Pictionary & wine

5) Rescuing he and Whitney from being iced into his apartment.

Thanks for being one of the few people I can be down-right silly with. You always make me smile. Thanks for dinner tonight.

Hooray for me!

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