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I can't tell you how tired I am. Everything from my eyelashes to my spine is aching. The LONGEST trip to Wichita ever! I had a really nice time though. We had a surprise birthday party for my grandma... 65!!! She's a pretty fantastic lady. She has raised 6 children, including my super dooper mom! I'm her favorite grandchild, out of like 60 or something, there are a lot.

I really wish something interesting had happened in Wichita, but it didn't. Aside from the quasi job offer, which I will keep you posted on the progress of that little situation, nothing exciting happened. Again, I ask that you keep your fingers X'd.

I've got one hell of a long week ahead of me. I'm doing some research work for Javery along w/ a couple of other fellow Ad-Grads. Then, I'm babysitting Jim's too-cute nephew on Thurs & Fri at the infamous house of Barb. Next, my brother and his girlfriend are coming to stay and we're going to Dallas next weekend. Plus, I have to play housewife and get this place back to an orderly fashion.

My bed is calling my name. Sweet Dreams.

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