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If I were any more BORED, I'd be DEAD

Geeze Louise! I cannot even begin to express to you the magnitude of sheer boredom I am experiencing. This has been building for days now. Boredom at home is one thing, I'm happy to take a nap or watch tv or play yet another game of online scrabble. However, waking up at 6:45am to drive 1/2 an hour to the city and look my very best only to sit here for the last hour and a half w/ NOTHING to do is ridiculous. There are no tv's, no where for a nap and after the IM incident I'm not going to attempt to play my game. So here I sit. I'm considering just dropping down under my desk, curling to the fetal position and drifting away to dreamland. The big boss is out of town today and he is the primary source of my workload. So with his absence, I'm left with nothing. The possibility of my leaving at lunch is getting greater by the second. Tonight is my favorite TV night, well kind of. Tonight is Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill... so I have something to look forward to. Not all people can say that.

you forgot laguna beach


Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill suck. So does Laguna Beach, what the hell are you all watching, anyway?

I actually had a little rendezvous w/ JKill, so I didn't even get to watch my shows. And shut your mouth Mr. Road Rules/Real World challenge... that is hardly quality television.

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