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Home Away from Home

Shelton and I begin our biannual housesitting week tonight. Twice a year my in-laws head off to some far away place for the Ace Hardware Show (we are an Ace owning family, if you didn't know). This time they are headed to St. Louis. Anyhow, it's like a nice little fake vacation. They live in Moore in a fabulous house. The fridge is stocked and cash is left on the counter, it's a nice arrangment we have. They even bought a new guest bed this weekend because I don't find their bed to be very comfortable (ok, I'm a brat, I'm not the soul reason they bought a guest bed). Our only responsibilities are to feed the dogs and let them potty. I enjoy pulling up to the house and pretend I'm in a fabulous car, roll into my 3-car garage and walk into this beautiful house and pretend it's all mine! I get to soak in the BIG BIG tub and watch cable programming (any shows I should catch- up on this week?). It's a nice fantasy life for a few days.

I will unfortunately be enjoying this all by myself. Shelton took on a 3 week shift, 3pm-midnight. So, if you'd like to come chill or just give me a call, I would welcome the break from the boredom and lonliness (ahh, pity). However, if I don't answer, I might be in a big jacuzzi bubble bath... please leave a message, I'll call you back.

poor brandi...


You can call me. I bored during the day!!!! :) I miss you being online!

Hey Brandi -- I didn't really finish your post cause I wasn't too interested, but NOTE that I am posting, which is more than I can say for a lot of people and my site, ugh. I feel your boredom...I'm posting a VERY IMPORTANT poll tonight on my blog so be sure you get on and vote, and EVERYONE ELSE TOO!!

Okay Brandi -- I just read your post on Jim's site about me and my camera and I just wanted to clarify. My digital camera recently broke and while TRUE that I didn't have the camera on me at that exact moment, I was in the midst of getting mine fixed and I didn't see it necessary to get a disposable camera just for that short period but Paris had other plans. So YES I do have one on me at all times. Geez, could you BE more of a bitch?

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