Tibetsy Boodles

I realized that in my last post I'd said "more about the dog later"- so later has come. Due to some recent events in my family, Shelton and I have happily adopted Tibet, my parents Shih-tzu. We became her proud new owners last weekend, but she's been staying with us for almost two months.

I could not be happier if she had come from my own womb. I'm so in love with this little girl. For more than a month I've taken her to work with me every day. She has hit it off with everyone there and even has a few must-see friends each morning. She prances around like she owns the place and never strays to far away from my ankles. Having her at work makes the day a little easier, she's just a fun little companion. She attends meetings, greets visitors and even joins the smokers out on their smoking balcony. As of last week, she was named "Director of Morale" at the agency. Not a bad title for not having any experience!

Tibet is too much fun. My mood is better any time she's around... and while Shelton will try and deny it, I know his is too! She's such a little princess- I laugh and smile so much with her.

The biggest thing I've had to get used to with this new addition has been poop-scooping. OOO YUCK! she obviously has to potty during the day at the office. So we wander out into the square a few times a day and on at least one of these trips she does a #1 and #2. I'm not big on poop. Especially collecting hers. But, I guess it's a small price to pay.

She has many nicknames, my favorite is Tibetsy Boodles. Shelton hates it but I think it's fun! I just can't say enough how much we thoroughly enjoy having her in the house full time now. It's such a trip and never a dull moment.


And my little dog, too.

I stayed home sick yesterday, something that seems to be an increasing trend directly correlated to a decrease in my small amount of sick time. I'd pushed a little too hard the day before by working a full day and just needed one more day of R&R.

About 5 o'clock there was a knock at the door. This never happens. Ever. The only people who come to our house know they can just walk right in. So I panic a little as I have a SERIOUS afro in full bloom, in my PJs sans bra and no glasses. I yell that I'll be there in a second and scurry to put my dishevled self back in order.

I open my door to a very dirty man, hillbilly-esque man. He greeted me with a very enthusiastic hello and I returned it. He said, "Mam, we were driving through your neighborhood and noticed the brush pile in your yard. Do you need that hauled off?"

My immediate response was, "SERIOUSLY!?! YES!" I haven't given a yes like that since someone offered me a free double scoop of ice cream- wait, that's never happened.

See, about a month or so ago we had a pretty big storm. It knocked a HUGE branch out of the tree in our front yard. It landed on the roof. My dad came out w/ a few guys and chopped it up and piled it up. We were very grateful as this would have cost about $500 to have hired out, and we do not have the tools to take care of it.

He said they would haul it off for $30. I told him that I never have cash (which is true) and that I just happened to have a $20 (which is true) and that I don't have checks (which is also true) and that if he would take my $20 he could have my sticks. (I wasn't trying to scam the guy, I really only had $20 I could give him)

He looked back at the woman in his truck, she gave a nod and he said- I'll take it only if I can pet your little dog (the one I was holding), too. I thought, sorry Tibet (more about the dog later), you're gonna have to take one for the team. So we exchanged petting and cash, he broke out the chainsaw and 10 minutes later I could see the overgrown grass on the curb again.

I'm sure my neighbors all sighed huge breaths of relief and destroyed their "You're the dirty neighbor" signs.

Who knew, door-to-door stick collectors. Not a bad gig.


Spreading my ink

Square Magazine 1st issue
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A couple of friend's of mine from OU, Jim and Becky, are starting a magazine. It's called Square- and it will serve as a lifestyle magazine in Tulsa, OK. Wow, that sounds like a boring explanation. It's going to be a kickass magazine that tells about life in Tulsa- music, bars, dining, fashion, art, sports, people, places, things... is that better? The magazine will print in an 8x8 square and publish monthly. That in and of itself is pretty cool to me- where have you seen a square magazine?

The first issue is due out in November and for all of you living in Tulsa, all I can say is get ready. These two (by the way, the "and" between their names does not imply that they are a couple as they are not) have assembled a talented team and done a lot of homework to get the magazine off the ground. We spent some time w/ them in Tulsa this summer and I was so impressed how every little detail had been taken care of. Becky is the editor, grand poo-bah and I can tell you that this work is a labor of love for her.

This team they've assembled includes writers, designers and the like. I was very flattered when they asked me to be one of their writers. Jim paid nice compliments about my writing on this blog, as well as Baby or Bust and told Becky they should "hire" me.

I accepted and plan to write for the "He Said, She Said" column- in which a guy and me will guide the romantic souls of Tulsa on their journey in and out of love. (Unless you guys have something else planned!)

I was also asked to post occassionally on the mag's blog site and have so far made two posts.

Now, when I say they "hired" me, their offer sounded like this- "we'd like for you to write for us but we can't pay you anything."
I told them this was fine. All I wanted in exchange was either a $1 donation to Baby or Bust and/or a story, ad or logo placement on the Web site. As such, Square has placed the BOB logo on the homepage and we are incredibly grateful. We are going to place their's on BOB as well.

I want to say that I take it as a huge compliment to be asked to write by people I respect a great deal. I've always enjoyed writing and pretended it was something I was good at- but I receive more and more feedback and encouragement. Maybe I should stop doubting myself. So, thank you to Jim and Becky. I'm very excited about writing for Square.

And lastly, congratulations and good luck on the launch of your magazine. That is an undertaking I cannot imagine and one you are handling so well. I know Square will be a success and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

This is the link to the magazine- www.hiptoreadsquare.com


Overheard in the O.R.

Since I've talked to most of you and I've already posted how surgery went here, I'll leave this post to talk about the fun part.

I was in quite a mood Thursday when we arrived at the hospital. The first thing the doc asked was - "How's she doing? Feisty as ever?" Well, yes! I'd been up since 7am without the privilige of eating, drinking or consuming anything I couldn't breath through my nose. I was starving and antsy. So here are a few conversations that took place, right up to that final breath of nigh-nigh gas.

Brandi & Doctor in OU Scrubs
Nurse: Oh, that doctor is wearing OU scrubs. I noticed you wore an OU shirt. I'll get him. Oh doctor...

Doctor: Yes?

Brandi: Boomer Sooner!

Doctor: Oh, did you go to OU?

Brandi: Yes I did.

Nurse: (Smiling)

Awkward silence....

Brandi & Anesthesiologist

Anesth: So, how tasty was that breakfast and lunch today?

Brandi : Oh, bite me!

Anesth: (laughing), oh that was the answer I was looking for!

Brandi, Shelton and Dr. T pre-op conversation

Dr T: Brandi, you're not the boss today or tomorrow. I don't know if you are usually the boss, but today and tomorrow you are not. He is. Shelton, this is your big chance.

Brandi: (laughing) yeah, your big opportunity. Don't blow it.

Dr. T: You don't have to clean or cook for at least 10-12 weeks after surgery.

Brandi: Yes!

Shelton: Yeah, right.

Dr. T: You can start having intercourse again as soon as you say it's ok too. (Looks at Shelton) But really, what's different about that than any other time? Don't think your house is any different that anyone else's!

Brandi in OR just before the gas-

Brandi: Can you unstrap my arm, I have an itch?

Nurse: Of course.

OR Staff: (everyone singing, talking laughing)

Brandi: Wow, you guys are having a good time.

Nurse: You should see her dance. She usually dances in here.

Dancing Nurse: Not now, I'm busy.

Brandi: Wow, this is the most fun I've ever had before surgery.

Anesth: Ok, breathe in...

Ok, so probably more amusing to me than anyone else. But seriously, that was the most fun I'd ever had before going in for a surgery. Laughter is the best medecine, after all!!


Under the knife

Well folks, I'll soon be returning to an operating room near me. It looks as though this Thursday I've got a hot date scheduled with my doctor. I'll be having surgery to look at and take care of some ovarian cysts that have taken up residence since the early summer. Seems to be the only thing reproducing down there. I've also been having some not-so-fun luck with my period and this should be able to find and alleviate that problem.

So I'm building a movie list that I can watch while I'm laying around here all doped up on Lortab and recovering. So far I have "Pretty in Pink" which I've never seen; "Mall Rats" which I have seen but don't remember and have been encouraged to watch again; and finally "Transamerica" which I've wanted to watch since it was released at the theaters but couldn't convince the man to watch it with me. If you have any other suggestions, shoot me an email (since I can't seem to get my comments turned back on).

We'll let you know that I came out alive and in one piece on Thursday.


Full House

We've tried for quite some time to convince Shelton's brother, Keith, and his wife, Heather, to come up for a weekend to visit. We know it's not the most exciting destination, but we make up for it in enthusiasm and a lot of food.

While we were home visiting at the beginning of August I made a note on their refridgerator:
Q- When are Keith and Heather coming to Wichita?
A- Labor Day Weekend

And my little scheme worked! Keith, Heather, their new baby Stone, the mom, Elliott and his girlfriend all made their way up here early yesterday morning. We spent two days just enjoying each other's company. It was so nice to have a house full of family.

And, as promised, there was a lot of food. I'm glad no one had an aversion to paper plates and plastic cups. We do not have a dishwasher and even when it's just the two of us, this is the china of choice. I do not have time, nor the desire, to stand there and wash dishes all day and all night. Dishpan hands can bite it.

We made a quick run out to two of our favorite spots- the local health food store and World Market. We filled up on Chipotle for dinner last night, as it's a big fave and not something they can get in Oklahoma City. Poor souls.

Then, this afternoon, I made my always-popular fried chicken and garlic red skin mashed potatoes. I honestly thought I had made way too much food. Until I went in to survey the damage after everyone had stopped eating- wiped out. Nice work folks.

We played a lot of board games, talked, played with the baby and, in my humble opinion, had an all around good time. The weather made it even easier for us to decide to stay curled up in PJs on the couch all day.

As Shelton and I were falling asleep last night we were talking about the day. We both think it is so wonderful that we have a home that can accommodate all the people, toys, baggage and traffic.

So thanks for coming up. Hope we can do it again soon.