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Under the knife

Well folks, I'll soon be returning to an operating room near me. It looks as though this Thursday I've got a hot date scheduled with my doctor. I'll be having surgery to look at and take care of some ovarian cysts that have taken up residence since the early summer. Seems to be the only thing reproducing down there. I've also been having some not-so-fun luck with my period and this should be able to find and alleviate that problem.

So I'm building a movie list that I can watch while I'm laying around here all doped up on Lortab and recovering. So far I have "Pretty in Pink" which I've never seen; "Mall Rats" which I have seen but don't remember and have been encouraged to watch again; and finally "Transamerica" which I've wanted to watch since it was released at the theaters but couldn't convince the man to watch it with me. If you have any other suggestions, shoot me an email (since I can't seem to get my comments turned back on).

We'll let you know that I came out alive and in one piece on Thursday.

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