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Would you like to see my ID?

I babysit from time to time. I enjoy it because I get to play with the little ones and I pick up a little extra cash. I don't do this often enough for it to be anything significant. But a little something here or there never hurt anyone.

Some friends/neighbors referred me to a friend of theirs who also lives on our block. They had family in town and needed a watchful eye over their 2 year old for the night. I mosied over, since it's maybe 5 houses away, at about 6:45 last night.

I was introduced to the father, whose name escapes me. In fact, I don't think it was ever told to me now that I'm thinking back. In any event, as he's showing me around the house he asked me this- "So, what grade are you in? High School? College?"

I just kind of chuckled. I mean, really? I wasn't wearing my marching band t-shirt or my letter jacket. I didn't have a backpack full of homework as I usually had w/ me with my high school sitting gigs.

As I laughed I said, "Oh, no! I graduated about two years ago. But thanks."

Then I went downstairs to talk to his wife. She asked me- "Do you live around here?" I said "Yes, about 5 houses down." She replied, "Oh really? Do you live with your parents?" Again, I laughed. "No, I live with my husband. We've been married for four years."

I guess they ran into my friends at the concert they were all going to and I came up. My friends asked if my husband had come with me. The Dad said "Husband?! Hell, I thought she was in high school."

The moral of this story- I don't know if I should take all this as a compliment or not. I mean really, do I look like I'm still in high school? No, I didn't look fabulous last night. It was Sunday- I had jeans, DMB tee, flops and a pony tail. They were lucky I didn't show up in my PJs.

I almost felt like I needed to have my mom sign a waiver that said I was old enough to stay with their kid without any supervision of my own.

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