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You could say I'm cyst-tastic!

Almost two years ago in July, I had to have surgery for an ovarian cyst that had burst. It hurt like the dickens and was not something I particularly wanted to go through again. They told me at the time that due to my family history and the style of the cyst, I would probably always have them and the only way to control it would be with birth control. Well I was, and still am, trying to get preggers and so b.c. was not at the top of my list.

Well, about 3 months ago I was having very similar pains to those 2 years ago. I immediately made appointment because I was going to be dumb enough to play that game twice. He thought it was more likely endometriosis and sent me to an OB/GYN specialist (that last word just means it costs more money). But I'm glad to have been referred because I really like this new guy, we'll call him Dr. T.

Dr. T found a cyst on my ovary about the size of a lemon and said it was no wonder I was hurting. That one went away on its own- yay!

I went in for a follow up a month after that and he found that the biggun had gone away but a new one had formed inside my left ovary and it was something that we should definitely watch.

So this past week, yet again, I felt those all too familiar pains and headed to Dr. T. I've gotten used to the fact that when they pull out the sonogram equipment, you never know what you're going to find in there. It's like a toy at the bottom of a cereal box, or finding money in your coat pocket the next year.

Yesterday's fun new surprise offered up a 3 pack. Not only was the "one to watch" still chillin, still growing, but it had 2 little friends. Well, two not so little friends. I won't go into the details and gross you all out. But I'm hurting - kind of a constant, nagging pain. More annoying than anything. He sent me home w/ some Tylenol3. I've never had that and I'm quite certain that I like it after last night. Best sleep ever!

So he wants to see me again in about a month. I love that he really wants to keep my out of the operating room. He's keeping a good watch and hopefully they'll pack up and leave soon. On that note, I leave you with the best line ever- it's not a tooomah!

Brave girl: these experiences of yours can be devastating to others, too. Be sure to continue to share it with us so that people with similar circumstances know they can survive with a smile like you.

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