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Upside-down and topsy turvy

Last Friday my boss, our CEO, came to me and presented an interesting opportunity. Earlier in the week our COO and had mentioned to me that a new opportunity was coming my way and I should keep an open mind. I guess he knows me a little well, knows that I don't take easily to change.

So my CEO discussed the details of the plan- basically, I'd be going to work within the offices of one of our top clients, a cable company, for one month. I immediately thought, "how can they just get rid of me that easily?" This client was short a few staff members and had specifially requested a member of our agency team come in to help.

Have been warned that I should keep an open mind, I immediately started looking at the situation and the positives that could come of it. I also immediately started thinking about my client, the bank, and how was I supposed to just walk away from that for an entire month.

Having agreed to do it, I walked away from that meeting in hives. Literally. And all I could think was how my good friend, Jim, would have laughed and said, "Brandi! Stop Panicking!" My response is always, "Ha! I"m not panicking!" But I lie, I usually am.

So yesterday, I left my office with a box of "my" things and tears streaming down my face. I love my job, the place I work and the people I work with. I was sad to leave all of that for an entire month. I've yet to take a true vacation in the near 2 years I've worked there... I have issues letting go of the reins. So this was not easy.

Today was day 2 in my new office. I'm officially a member of the "Office Space' cast. Tiny cubicle, silent work environment, magnetic ID card, water cooler... I even brought over my red Swingline stapler.

Everyone is really welcoming and sure as hell not shying away from giving me any work. While it's far less work than I do on any other day, it's overwhelming in that I have no idea what I'm doing and it's all very new.

I'm sending my office daily "blog" emails with the events of the day and my experience. I'm calling it my "Summer Camp."

I'm trying to be really positive and learn as much from this as I can... as I know more than anything it is a truly unique opportunity for me.

Tomorrow is Friday and I'm very much looking forward to the weekend and a chance to just exhale for a couple of days and start the week out with a clear head.

brandi - don't panic


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