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Our nephew, Stone

Originally uploaded by shelfish.
Well, world, this is him! Little Stone... and when I say little, I mean LITTLE! This weekend he was 5 days old, 21" and 7 pounds. You forget how tiny newborns are.

Lots of sleeping, lots of eating and lots of pooping. Aunt Brandi even got in one diaper change... with the guidance of Keith.

We spent the weekend cuddled up with this little guy... I mean, wouldn't you if you could? We didn't really ask, we just said- Hey, Keith and Heather, we're here... where's that baby?!?!

Thank you both for letting Shelton and I spend so much time with him this weekend.

And all weekend, my ovaries were going BOOM BOOM! BOOM BOOM! At one point, everyone put in ear plugs.

Here to the right is Stone cuddled up with Uncle Shelton. That little boy is perfection. Absolute perfection.

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