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Welcome little boy

At 6:05 this evening, Keith and Heather became parents. And I well up with tears as I say it because my heart is overwhelmed with more excitement than I know what to do with.

Today, we are so proud to welcome our new nephew, Virgil Stone Koskie... we will call him Stone. This is a family name and I don't know if we were surprised or not that they chose it. He weighed in at 7lb, 11oz and 20" long. We're told he is very sweet and very cute with a little blonde/brown hair. Like a true Koskie, he wasted no time making friends and apparently looked around and cooed at everyone.

(Ok, the welling up with tears has passed and now it's just bawling!!)

We got the call at about 1:30 that Heather had finally gone into labor and had been admitted to the hospital. Shelton and I debated whether or not to make the trip down this afternoon being that the only way either of us could miss work tomorrow were if our faces fell off. Being her first baby we figured it would be at least tomorrow and we would have wasted a trip.

But when the little booger decided to show up so quickly, we were both more than bummed that we had missed little Stone's arrival. But now we think we'll give everyone a chance to hang out with him this week and then Aunt and Uncle train is coming to town Thursday night.

In any event, with Stone's arrival, grandparents were made today. Parents were made today. Aunts, uncles and new friends. Shelton I thought it was funny how this little guy had only been in the world for a short hour and within a moment, his little life has already touched so many.

Our prayers were answered for a healthy pregnancy and healthy delivery. We pray that today is just the beginning of many perfect days for Stone, Heather and Keith.

Congratulations you guys... we love you!!!

Baby Update: Keith and Heather are home from the hospital and hiding out at her mother's house. The perfect grandbaby decided sleep would be out of the question last night; so, the new little family is trying to reverse sleep deprivation. Ohma

when do we get pictures...

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