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Drilled and Filled

I was a ball of panic yesterday, all day, dreading my trip to the dentist. I rushed out of the office 15 minutes before my appointment only to get stuck in the rare standstill traffic jam on Kellogg. Poor little doggy was hit by a semi, never seen anything like that in my life.

So with that lovely picture in my head I made it a few minutes late. The nurse asked how I was and I replied- not good at all. I said this was my first cavity and I was completely freaking out. She was super nice and made me so comfortable. She didn't make me feel like the big, giant baby that I was being.

She gassed me and turned on Dr. Phil. A few minutes later she told me my cavity was really tiny and that I wouldn't need a shot unless I wanted it. I told her that I wanted as much of whatever they could give me.

My anxiety and nerves were the worst part... as always. The actual drill and fill only lasted about 3 minutes.

My jaw is pretty sore from the shot. Other than that, I've survived my first cavity.

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