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Commence Flashbacks

I was work yesterday and got bored, as I sometimes do, and wandered over to the creative department. It's always a guaranteed good time over there. Politically incorrect jokes, gossip and the discussion of where we'll find lunch that day. Ok, not necessarily bored because I am swimming in work right now- in need of a break.

One of the girls started talking about how she and a friend dressed up like the Crash Test Dummies. Me and another guy immediately thought she was talking about THESE Crash Test Dummies. The band.

You remember them- they sang the song "MMM MMM MM MMM... Once there was this boyyyyy whoooo, got into an accident and couldn't go to school...". The singer had that insanely deep voice and it was all creepy and slow. We immediately start singing, and straining our vocal cords.

That moves us into a conversation about how the rock music during the late 90s is possibly the best music ever. And that leads us to Better Than Ezra. We pull up their site and start listening to songs and I was dancing like a crazy person in his office.

I hadn't heard some of these songs since high school and I remembered how much I loved them... and completely shocked I still knew the words. That part of the brain must be like the you never forget to ride a bicycle part.

We started discussing Sponge, Blind Melon, Tonic etc and so on. Now I'm just chilling, listening to my "Better than Ezra" station on Pandora.

If you haven't found Pandora yet, it's time you opened the box. FREE MUSIC- not for download, but it streams like radio and you can select music you're interested in.

Rock on.

Sorry kiddo... 70's was the best music EVER... yours is okay but you can't beat Ted... VanHalen... Kansas... and more than i can list.

Love ya

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