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I was promised the sun would come out tomorrow.

And it did! I woke up at 5:45 yesterday morning to start Day 2 of the sale. I'd watched the weather all the day before and it was promising clear skies, lots of sun and light wind. I checked the radar to find not a single blip on there. Garage Sale On!

It was slow going at first, but by 9 we had a steady stream of people all day. It just absolutely amazes me the crap people will buy. I mean, did you wake up this morning and know that you needed metallic star garland? Or a new set of dishes? Or an iron, used candles, blah blah blah. One girl walked up with such determination, that in-and-out style, that you'd have thought she was headed for her favorite shelf at Target.

We brought in about $350 for the weekend. That was divied up between the 4 families who contributed their junk. Shelton and I put $70 in our pocket and I decided I wasn't going to do a single responsible thing with even one penny of it.

The rest is being donated to a friend's church for their annual garage sale. Hopefully they'll have better luck selling it than we did.

I'm glad I'm rid of all my junk for now. It should HOPEFULLY take another 5 years to accumulate more. This is definitely not going to become a hobby.

We were also provided plenty of entertainment throughout the day. Directly across from us lives a family with 3 children. The oldest boy is a cutie, 5th grade. The middle boy is 5 and so obnoxious. The youngest is a 2-3 year old girl, we'll call her Ms. H. She has got the whitest blonde hair and she walks around like she owns the world. She is SOOO Ca-Ute!

Anyhow, they were outside playing all day and one point, Shelton says, "Oh boy! That's a lot to look at!". I turn to see Ms. H walking out the front door w/ a little t-shirt, those plastic high heels with feather boa across the toes, and no pants. She was showing it all off. And as if this were perfectly normal, she just pranced right down the front steps in those heels, proud as punch! I was laughing hysterically, Shelton was turned away. Big brother caught on and carried her away to safety in side the house. She repeated her show about an hour later.

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