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What happens in the blog, actually doesn't stay in the blog

Last night the Wichita Ad Club hosted their monthly meeting. This usually takes place over lunch at a local restaurant and involves a relatively unattractive and not-so-appetizing meal. And it always hosts a speaker from an agency who has been a responsible party for a rockstar ad campaign. I've heard the executive creative director for the Sonic "Two Guys" campaign... and a few others but I don't remember them.

We met at the same, lame restaurant last night after work and instead of lunch or dinner we were served lame appetizers... and a ticket for one beer or wine. I tried my first Fat Tire... pretty tasty. I had a plate full of celery and scallops b/c everything else looked horrible.

Our presenter was Randy Snow. He's from an agency called R&R Partners out of, no less than, Las Vegas. They've had the Las Vegas tourism account for 28 years... quite a feat in the ad business. He's the agency's executive creative director. And of all the presentations I've seen, his rocked.

It certainly helped that he was presenting the "What happens here, stays here" campaign. But HE was genuinely interesting and entertaining.

He went back to 1999 when the campaign was first conceived. Their goal was to move away from the classic view of vegas: showgirls, elvises and flaming desserts. He said they do more research for this account that any account he's ever been on- and as a result- we have the current campaign.

He showed spots over the last 5 years: the bride marrying the brazilian guy who speaks no english, the business woman sniffing the inside of the limo and arrives at the airport dressed differently than when she got in, the airport full of people leaving las vegas, etc. The coolest thing I learned about all of these spots is every single one of them is unscripted. They find the actors and give them a 2 sentence scenario and then the camera rolls. So impressive. And hilarious.

We got to see 4 brand new spots, fresh out of production. These have got to be the best yet. This campaign has so many legs... it was so interesting to see all of the non-television media they've used, and how they've used it in a new or innovative way.

The most impressive was a new print ad turned Web program that has got to be one of the coolest interactive marketing devices I've ever seen. It is SO much fun... and if you've seen the scratch-off print ad (currently in the 2006 SI Swimsuit Issue), pretty cool too! So click on the link and find out who you can be the next time you go to Vegas... and don't forget to print off your business card... with 1-800 number that actually works and official company Web site!

And if you have a few minutes and want to check out the "What Happens Here..." TV commercials, just click right here.

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