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In case you haven't noticed, I haven't really been in the mood to write lately. Nothing interesting has really happened and everything has become pretty routine. Work, home, eat, sleep and back again. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I really enjoy my work and so I like having the freedom to stay as late as I want. So I thought I would briefly catch everyone up and then hopefully get myself back on here. I know there are only like 10 people who read this... and I'm probably way over estimating at that. But I love that its here because then I don't feel like I have to call and keep up with everyone ALL THE TIME. It's all right here and if you're interested, come and get it.

Last Weekend
We went home to visit Shelton's family in Edmond for the Baha'i holiday Ayyam'i'ha. Good times all around. A lot of food and a lot of family and a lot of presents. No sleeping in but I guess that's ok. We got to see a lot of friends we hadn't seen in a really long time. Thanks to Shelton's parents for our fabulous new digital camera- the Nokia P2. We really haven't used it yet and when we tried this morning, the battery was dead. Thanks to everyone for all of our gifts, we are really going to enjoy them.

I went to Kansas City for the day with my client. The bank was opening a new branch so I went up to be a part of the grand opening festivities. I think it's always important for us to be there. It was really the first day that just screamed SPRING IS NEAR! It was 70 degrees, sun shining, no clouds and a wispy little breeze. We relaxed on the patio of Cheesecake Factory in The Plaza and soaked up the sun... a perfect afternoon. If you've never been to KC's Plaza, it is beautiful and relaxing and a lot of fun if you have time to enjoy it.

I'm off to enjoy my Saturday. I have family stopping by to visit this morning and then I'm off to hangout w/ Ms. J- the little girl I'm mentoring. I see an afternoon w/ Curious George.

You NEED to write more often it is the only way your mother and I have to keep up with you and it is the most entertainment we get

I wouldn't say its the MOST entertainment I get, BUTTTTTTTT, I do enjoy reading your thoughts.


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