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Just get us there already... so we can start partaking in the sinning

I've been in Vegas for about an hour. I should have arrived three hours ago. Crimeny! I'm here for a conference with the 4 A's (Association of American Advertising Agencies). AE Bootcamp- going to ship-shape my AE'ing capabilities. One other fella from my office is accompanying me, Luke. He is fantastic and going to be a great travel mate.

We left Wichita for Denver at 7pm. Arrived in Denver with 1/2 an hour before our connecting flight departed. Since I was conscious, I decided I needed to feed myself. With no time to spare I hit the Mickey D's. They didn't have Dr Pepper- and then I ordered the #2, since that is what I always order. That's the 2 cheeseburger meal. Well, In Denver, that would be the Q-pounder. GROSS! I panicked and had the girl change my order. Everything turned out ok.

Luke and I made it to our gate, good old Gate 42 in Denver. This is where we learned our flight would be delayed about half an hour because of equipment problems on the plane. No biggy, it happens. Now I don't have to inhale of artery clogging dinner.

Half an hour later- NO PLANE. Guess what, we discovered MORE problems while attempting to fix the first. We're going to try to fix this... wait another half an hour. So we wait. Bored to tears, we wait. Then they announce it's the alternator- YAY! They can't fix this and are now waiting for a new plane to land, unload and then load us. This gives us time to go to the bar and get a refreshment. Nastiest Killians I've ever drank.

While we're waiting this crotchety old man was going chair-by-chair passing out United Airlines complaint cards. You can count mine in, buddy! Strangely, I remained calm, cool and collected throughout this whole process. People, I'm maturing before my very own eyes. "You'll be a woman..... soooooon", sing it with me!

We get back to the gate- WAIT ANOTHER HALF HOUR!!! We're finally on the plane, get ready to lock down the doors when.... TWO MORE PEOPLE NEED TO GET ON. Are you kidding me?!

The second the wheels cleared the ground I passed out. While local time said it was only 10- my bio-clock said it was MUCH later. AND, I had already driven from OKC to Wichita this mroning.

We land in Vegas and we have to wait another HALF HOUR on the tarmac because the winds are blowing in from the NE which is so unusual and so it is causing congestion. GET TO THE GATE ALREADY!

Finally out, make it to the taxi area and like 500 jetlagged cows, we wait in yet another line to get a cab. We're staying at the new Monte Carlo and made it here in 6 minutes. Nice work cabbie!

My room looks out on the roller coaster at New York, New York. I have a crystal clear view of In-N-Out Burger and fully intend on eating there for lunch tomorrow. You're jealous right now, I know it.

We're finally here safely, and that is the important part. I'm looking forward to the conference- I hope I learn a few valuable things. For now, I couldn't be more tired. Local time is 12:30am- my clock says it is 2:30--- TIME FOR SLEEPY!!!

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