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Major, late-breaking news. Which story do you want first?!?!

We'll start with the UNBELIEVABLE!!!
While we were moving out of our apartment in November I lost my favorite necklace. Shelton's mom gave it to me on my 21st birthday and I wore it for our wedding. It's a beautiful blue opal and diamond necklace, I wear it all the time. I had placed it on our mattress while I was packing the nightstands. Shelton came in and lifted the mattress up to move it out when I realized it was on there. We SCOURED the room. We looked in every shoe, laundry basket, box, sock- EVERYWHERE! No necklace. My little heart was broken.
Well..... this morning Shelton called me before work and told me to look on this hook in his closet, he'd found something. There it was hanging!!! He said he put on his shoe this morning and felt something inside. Reached in and that was it. He said he's worn those shoes several times since the move. WHERE DID IT COME FROM?!?!? I don't know, but I'm so glad to have it back.

Now for the FABULOUS!
I'm famous for making the worst cookies. I can cook meals all day long. But turn on that oven, and it is game over. So last night while watching the Sugar Bowl, total coincidence, I got the craving to make cookies. Shelton just shook his head, knowing full well they'd all end up in the trash because my cookies are always THAT BAD! Let me tell you, the most delicious, perfect cookies came out of my oven last night. I used the same recipe I always do. I did nothing different than I've ever done. I'm so proud of myself I want to shout it from the rooftop, but it's safer to shout it from here.

And finally, the AWESOME!!!
I have this little 9 year old girl that I "mentor". We have lunch at her school once a week and talk, play games and whatever else we feel like. She has quickly become the highlight of my week. She has so much spark and sass and energy, I just love being around her. Well today I asked that my "lunch buddy" status be upgraded. We'll now have a relationship like Big Bros/Big Sis- we'll get to spend time together on the weekends and evenings. This will allow me to be much more involved in her life and get to do many more things. I'm really looking forward to this.

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