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Better suck it up until Spring!

One of the perks and simultaneous downsides to this house is that it has gas. Ok- done giggling? We have gas heat, gas water heater, gas stove- I think that is it. The water is hotter than any I've ever had- hot the second you turn it on and stays that way, no running out! The gas stove is awesome, I don't see why anyone would live without it. Gas heat, keeps the house warm, nothing new there.

EXCEPT- that after almost 6 weeks, we received our first gas bill yesterday. We knew we weren't going to like what we saw, gas prices for your car should be an indication of that. But we opened it to a number just short of $300. Gulp!

Multiply that number by how many bills until May? That's quite a dent in the budget. So I think I'm going to go out and buy a few extra sweatshirts and slippers- that will certainly be cheaper than letting the gas hog churn and keep this place roasty toasty. Shelton will just have to deal with some additional snuggling!

In other news this week- I conquered a mountain that Shelton has been pushing for since the day we met. I ate at PF Changs. No, he hasn't been trying to get me to eat at that specific restaurant- but he has been trying to get me to eat the particular cuisine served there. That being Chinese food. I had a very mild meal- crunch honey chicken with rice. I also had the lettuce wraps and couldn't tell you what was in that- a bizarre event when I dont' ask "What the hell is that?". But I sniffed it and tasted it and it passed the test. So maybe this is a new chapter in my picky palette lifestyle.

brandi -- I am so proud.


$303.68 is NOT just short of $300. But in your defense your weren't told there was going to be any math.

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