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For the 46th time in my life- I've risen above the cardboard boxes

The living room is put together. The bedroom is put together. The kitchen is put together. The bathroom is put together. The den is getting there. The office/scrapbook room, also known as the "Mezzanine" or "Nerd Room," is far from there. And then there is an entire story we aren't using.

The packing is almost complete! We spent the weekend unpacking, arranging, shuffling, trashing, wiring and cleaning. I can't think of any more -ING words that work in that sentence.

It's starting to feel like home and that is a pretty good feeling. I can't believe all of this is ours- I'm pretty proud of us. I just wish the fireplace wasn't a death certificate waiting to be signed- do you have any idea how cozy that would be right now?! Considering I've been cold since the day we got keys, pretty cozy! Anyhow, the fireplace will fill our home and lungs with deady Carbon Monoxide if we burn a fire in it. So I'm thinking we aren't going to do that.

My goal was to have everything finisehd before we left for Thanksgiving in Edmond and I'm pretty sure we're going to make it. I just didn't want to deal w/ all this crap after the holiday- that way I can come home and decorate for Christmas!!

Lame post, I know, but felt like I needed to get something up here.

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