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Oh for Two

Last night we went to a friend's surprise birthday party. Strangely enough, it actually worked. I've NEVER been to a surprise party where the guest of honor actually had no clue and didn't have to fake their reaction. It was a really good time. We stayed outside, except when I went in to get more food. There was a cozy little chimenea that we stayed huddled around. A few people kept using the flame launching out the top to light their cigarettes. I just knew someone was going to leave there looking like Seal. Yikes!

Ok, so the night wasn't all smooth for me. I decided I wanted to curl my hair for last night. Now, yes, it curls all by itself thanks to that bitch mother nature. (you thought I was just going to say mother, didn't you?! not hardly.) But I wanted curling iron curls- big fluffy fun curls. And it worked. I'd never done that on my own before, without the aid of a stylist. However, now I know why all those girls growing up blamed their hickies on the curling iron- because when you lay that thing across your bare flesh and fries it just a little, it looks just like a hicky. Yes, I'm the proud new owner of a curling iron hicky and it HURTS!!! I am going to Jeremy's and Sarah's wedding reception tonight, I pray that no one can see it. I'll have to arrange my hair in such a fashion.

Then, as we are headed for the front door to leave last night, I look down and my left hand is NAKED! As in, holy fruitcakes, where the HELL is my wedding ring?!?!?!?! I shoot Shelton this look from across the room that looks vaguely like, I believe my very own liver just dropped OUT of my body and umm, how do I put it back in. Apparently the look was loud enough to make the whole room stop because our host's mother comes up and wants to know what is wrong and the whole room starts scrambling. My stomach had reached the bottom most pit it could find. This is a huge house, with a huge backyard, and a lot of people I don't know. Luckily Shelton went out to where we had been sitting and a new group of people were in place. He asked if anyone had seen a ring and someone held up their pinky and there she was. He said it was lying on the ground when they all sat down. My only explanation would be that I was so cold outside that it slid right off my finger.

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