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Extreme Home Makeover: Wichita Edition

Wichita is buzzing about the fact that just a few minutes outside of town, the Extreme Home Makeover team is busy dozing and building a new home. Yesterday was the demolition day and they have to be finished by Saturday evening I believe. Besides the fact that THE Ty Pennington is the closest to me that he's ever been, you are probably wondering why I care enough about this to write. Well, I will gladly tell you. Friday afternoon I'm going out with a bunch of co-workers and we get to work on the house. Could I BE anymore excited? No, I don't think so. You can bet your best Sunday panties on the fact that I will be filling you in alllllll the dirty little details.

Brandi! When you go to the Extreme Makeover set, I know you have to wear one of those blue t-shirts so that on television you blend in like ants on a hill. But, could you wear an orange kerchief or something that stands out on your head, so that your family and friends can find you when it airs on TV?

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