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They are going to let me influence a child... YOWZA!

I'm pretty excited because I am volunteering for the organization called Compeer. I will participate in their Lunch Buddy program. Once a week I will go to have lunch w/ an elementary child. We will spend 45 minutes hanging out, eating lunch, talking, playing and whatever else we decide to do. I picked out my little girl today. She is a third grader. And judging from her personality profile, seems like she is going to be a spunky and fun little booger! I'm anxious to meet her next week and get started. Since I can't reveal her name, I am going to call her Megan.

Most of the children in this program come from incredibly low socio-economic households, parents with criminal histories; they can be one of many children and sometimes come from single parent homes. We were told that these kids have behavior issues, sometimes the meals they eat at school are the only meals they get. This is such a 180 from the life that I have lived that I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. I haven't met this little girl, or any of the other children, and I can't help but feel like I want to help them conquer the world. I almost feel guilty going in there with all the good fortune I have.

My goal is to go in and make her smile and laugh a few more times in a day than normal. She says she has difficulty reading and I want to help her overcome that and see how fun and easy it really can be. I want her to feel like someone looks forward to seeing her and no matter how busy my day is, she'll feel like she's important enough to put all of that on hold.

I am anxious to get started and while a lot of what we do and say has to remain confidential, I will keep everyone posted on how Megan and I are doing.

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that is awesome - think what an impression you will get to make on that little girl! something she will remember the rest of her life. good luck!

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