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You know it's a Monday when you realize half way through that your underwear are on inside-out.

Just another Manic Monday over here. Work was full of the usual insanity that Monday brings. I amost didn't come in because I'd been up sick the night before. But I decided to put on my big-girl panties and face the day. Glad I did because I had a voicemail from my AE saying he'd be out because his hole house was puking.

Shelton and I were supposed to start going to the gym after work, but my stomach was still not fully recovered so we opted out of that. It's always tomorrow, right?

Monday was actually pretty good. I've learned that if the weekend brought plenty of R&R, then Monday ain't so bad. Looking back, we had a busy weekend, but I felt plenty rested by the end and got in lots of lazy time as well. Highlights from the weekend include:
- My parents moved back to Wichita. Same town as me. Only 20 minutes away.
(more on that later)
- Shelton's grandparents and brother Elliott graced us with their presence for
lunch on Saturday. Short and sweet.
- Attended a wedding shower for a friend from work. There was chocolate cake.

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