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A little bit of random

My short week has quickly grown long and exhausting. I've put in a serious amount of overtime, I've worn a blister on my right foot and I've picked up a third client. Phew! All in all I can't complain, and as usual, laughter is what pushes me through. That and all the compliments on my hair... I've been going curly for a while now.

So I thought I'd share some of the tiny things that have made me laugh this week, and hopefully they will make you smile, too.

1. I'm in a new client pitch meeting for a museum. One of the board members asks each of us why we think it is important for people to visit, why we think our campaign pitch will work, etc. I'm with 5 people and they each give their insightful, thoughtful comment. I'm sitting there thinking PLEASE do not pick me. It was like 5th grade science class... no i didn't read the chapter and no i don't have any answers for you. So low and behold it's my turn. OUT OF LEFT FIELD I start talking about how I'm a picky eater and this one time I tried calamari and surprisingly I learned that I liked it and now I order it all the time and if you can just convince people to take that first bite they will most likely keep coming back. A calamari analogy. And at the end everyone shook their heads in agreeance and said oh that was wonderful and blah blah blah... and then I said-straight of Will Farrel's Old School- Did I just blackout? Good Lord.

2. A woman I work with said this little boy knocked on her door the other night and asked if she wanted a glass of lemonade for a quarter. She of course said yes, because who says no to a door-to-door lemonade salesman. There are a lot of things I'd like to have delivered and I think lemonade would be one of them. So the little boy says he has to go home and get the lemonade and he takes the quarter with him. He comes back with a half empty tiny cup of lemonade, because it probably all sloshed out on the way. So my co-worker says to him, oh this is so nice, you're collecting money for the hurricane. She said he shot her this confused look and said very matter of factly, No! I'm saving up for a four wheeler!

3. EV-ER-Y-BODY with their DAMN comments and their DAMN jokes about how the Sooners lost to TCU and I just keeeep smiling and keeep laughing. INSIDE I AM DEFINITELY NOT LAUGHING.

4. I don't know if this is funny, I laughed for a moment. I'm shopping for hurricane stuff last night at heaven (aka Target) and I'm roaming around the sporting goods aisles looking for a football or soccerball for a boy. First, does anyone know how much those damn things cost? Good Night! If I have a son, I hope he likes sidewalk art because I can afford some chalk. $20 for a soccer ball... are they serious??? Anyhow, I find this whole rack of clearance life jackets and I thought to myself, in reality, they could probably use some of these. I laughed a little to myself and then felt bad.

No, not the most exciting stuff but it made me laugh and well, it usually doesn't take much.

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thanks honey in all the kaos this was very refreshing...

love ya see ya saturday i think

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