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Knock-Knock! Guess Who?! Your WORST nightmare!

As I have stated before, when the biotch who wrecked my car gave me her information, it was all bogus! She's a lieing hoochy-boo! Expired insurance policy, phone number that had been disconnected, tag belonged to a different person/car. Well, I have been working diligently to find this hoochy-boo for 3 weeks. Nothing.

I did get lucky in that while she doesn't live at the residence where the wreck happened, she visits there often. So last night I actually had time to stop when I spotted her car in the driveway. Having just gotten my car back a few hours earlier, I was armed with a paid receipt of just short of $1700.

Shelton was with me and we decided to be awesome. I went to the door to confront the hoochy-bizzle and Shelton went to write down her VIN number and take pictures of her license plate. She came to the door, a little deer-in-headlights. I said, Oh hi, remember me?!
When I told her, I guess reminded her, that the information she had given me was bogus (DID SHE NOT THINK I'D FIND OUT?! DID SHE NOT THINK I'D COME FIND HER?! Dummy.) she very matter-of-factly said, "The phone number was right!". Oh woopity doo. "Hi mr auto repair man- here is a correct phone number, please fix my car." Hell of a lot of good your PHONE NUMBER does me!

Anyhow, I explained that I wanted to be nice and that she had a few options in this situation, 1- hand over her current insurance, 2- hand over a cashier's check for the amount of the repairs, 3- have a nice visit with my attorney in the court room where I physically remove the cash from her liver!

She stood there questioning the cost because "her car had no damage and she only hit me going 5mph". Well, I'm not a physicist and I can't explain the logistics of it but, your car hit mine, the entire front fender on my car needed to be replaced, you are going to pay for it. period.

She of course said she didn't have the money and she never once offered up the insurance, so I have to assume the hoochy-boo has none. She offered to make payments and I immediately clenched up and in an increased tone of voice said, "I'M BUYING A HOUSE NEXT WEEK! I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR PAYMENTS!" Shelton, always Captain Cool, said, "That could probably work out."
So we told her we would send her a copy of the estimate and final receipt, as well as details on payment. We told her we'd have our attorney draw up the paperwork so that I basically have her by the liver and if she doesn't pay I get said liver.

I'm hoping this all plays out fairly and the good guys win and the hoochy-bizzle can keep her liver. My car has been repaired beautifully, after what took long enough to grow my own second liver in a baby food jar!

So, to all the hoochy-bizzles, which includes the people who decided to charge me 27c a piece for Hot Mustard at McD's, George W Bush and Wal*Mart, DO NOT MESS WITH BRANDI- I WILL SHOW UP AT YOUR DOOR WITH MY CAMERA-PHONE CARRYING HUSBAND AND EFF UP YOUR DAY!!!

You have learned well grasshopper
Love ya, dad!

I think someone needs to calm down a bit. Man, you sound MEAN!


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